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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bunch of Stuff Uploaded

Since KO 36 is taking some time, I've uploaded KO 34-37 scripts into the KO MF folder. They're pre-proofread drafts, though.

Kaibutsu Oujo English Scripts

I also finished downloading and repacking the Himizu raws, in case anyone wants it. It's high on the potential projects list, but it'll take a few months for me to get there. I'm not even sure what I want to translate next, Hanako, Kindaichi, or Himizu

Himizu Volume Raws

Also, fuck yea, RoC

Makes up for the horrible Chinese in Senkou no Night Raid

Edit: I was sitting on this, but since the DVDISO is showing no sign of completion, and a brave man is finishing my bad subtitles, here's a DivX rip of Mudazumo, fresh from Share

Mudazumo OVAs DivX


  1. How's that Mudazumo ISO coming? As far as I know, you're the only guy that's getting it.

    I've been TLCing and typsetting your scripts for Mudazumo with the youtube raws, I'll post them here when done.

  2. I actually just finished downloading a DivX rip off of Share, but it's not a lot better than the YouTube raws. Beggars can't be choosers...

    No one seems to be seeding the DVDISO anymore. The original seeder uploaded a rar with this message:

    一体如何すればアップ完了できるんだろうね ホント申し訳ない"

    He says that even with the Upload speed 1400, no one is downloading. Hope you can piece together the rest of the pieces, kthxbai. I think I should've left Share on at night more often...

    I'm uploading the DivX rip to the MF folder; it will finish ETA 30 minutes after this comment

    Thanks for picking this up for me, and other fans of this series! I'll look forward to the polished version.