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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 365

I haven't cleared it with the group that is normally doing this. Dante, their editor is busy for now, so vol 33 is temporary if it I get permission to scanlate it. So don't go about posting this everywhere just yet.

Pokemon Special or Pokemon Adventures, in the words of Pokemon series creator Satoshi Tajiri, "is the comic that most resembles the world I was trying to convey." This is the only manga I follow that has more chapters than days in a year, and that's because it's pretty damn good. It has excellent plot, good characters (shh, Yellow and Emerald don't exist), and awesome action. I'm looking forward to the anime adaptation myself.

Edit: This may have gotten out of hand, because I'm getting a lot hits on this particular page. Sorry for yanking your chains, these pics are from the clever Japanese artists on Pixiv, the Japanese equivalent for DA. Here are some other images


Anyways, here's ch 365 and its cleaned, Chinese version:
PokeSpe ch 365
PokeSpe ch 365 cleaned Chinese

Raw obtained from Ryan Cheong

It's my first time cleaning a raw, so the levelling is probably bad.

Cyber Blue will either come late at night or next morning. If I'm scanlating Pokemon Special regularly, then I'll probably do a 4-day cycle of PokeSpe, Cyber Blue, Hanako, and KO (script). Hanako will probably run out first unless I haven't negotiated the purchase of PokeSpe 34 along with Mudazumo 4 yet.


  1. How can we found this anime ?

  2. It doesn't exist, sadly, it's a well-made hoax by the Japanese artists on Pixiv

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