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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cyber Blue ch 4

Lol, enough shenanigans from yesterday. Crunch time is unexpectedly over, after one day. I'm pretty much free for the next 2 weeks, so expect a new chapter everyday, unless I'm doing the next KO script. I'll probably alternate Cyber Blue with Hanako, Upotte or Himizu, though, to keep things fresh.

Edit: QC is off today...Here's v3 with Credits and page 132

Cyber Blue ch 4 version 3

Oh, and I uploaded the raws to Birdy II (well, 4-15 anyways) and Master Keaton. Birdy II is on GotLurk, but here's the PD raws anyways

Birdy II Raws
Master Keaton Raws

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