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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cyber Blue ch 8

Blue's body count rises. Just who will stop this man!?

Cyber Blue ch 8

I skipped KO script this cycle because I originally planned to replace Hanako 3's slot with PokeSpe 34. However, I reevaluated the situation, and put PokeSpe 34 and 35 after Hanako 4. After all, it would be cruel if I just left the Mary arc hanging. A 4-year old volume has priority over ones that aren't even several months old.

The new table looks like this:

April May June July August
Slot 1 Cyber Blue vol 1 Cyber Blue vol 2 Cyber Blue vol 3 --or-- Mudazumo vol 4 Vacation Cyber Blue vol 3 or 4
Slot 2 Hanako to Guuwa vol 3 Hanako to Guuwa vol 4 Pokemon Special vol 34 Pokemon Special vol 35
Slot 3 Kaibutsu Oujo Kaibutsu Oujo [END] (at least, the overdue chapters)

I might pick up the last chapters of Mudazumo 4 if DerpScans runs out of back issues. September is a bit unclear, because I'm moving and have to handle a lot real life stuff.

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