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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 1

This is the 4th and (probably) final new series I'm picking up in a while. It's "Ryoshka Ryoshka", a fully-colored slice-of-life by Yoshitoshi ABe about a girl with an overactive imagination. Yea, I know the katakana says "Ryu-shika Ryu-shika", but ABe spells her name as Ryoshka in English on his blog, YouTube and Flickr accounts, so that's what I'm going with.

This series is only 12 pages long per month, though, so it's like Yotsuba-lite. However, given how often ABe's series get adapted to anime, it might be the closest we're ever going to get in regards to a Yotsuba anime.

Given the short length of this manga, it might be more regular than Kindaichi for a while, at least until Cyber Blue finishes. I'm actually slightly worried that I might be running out manga to translate after I catch up with Noririn and Ryoshka Ryoshka and finish Route 225 in around October and November. As I mentioned to commenter Touma, I want to tackle Master Keaton and Red, but the total number of releases I've made so far doesn't even match half their length, so I'll continue to hone my skill and maybe contact other scanlators before even attempting them. I'm reconsidering Himizu (since I recently changed my policy towards requests) and keeping tabs on Deus X Machina (how can a steampunk version of Claymore get so boring?) and a weekly manhua about Yip Man, but as always, I'm open to suggestions. I don't guarantee that I'll translate it, or pick it up immediately, but it's always worth a try.

Speaking of which, here's the tentative chart for the next two months. Noririn and Cyber Blue will be paused (one final time, I promise) for Pokemon Special frenzy next month. Kindaichi 38 doesn't have a goal date so far, because the chapters are fairly hard to produce.

August September October November
Slot 1 Cyber Blue 3 Pokemon Special 33 Pokemon Special 36 Cyber Blue 4 [END]
Slot 2 Noririn v 1 Noririn v 2 (ch 8 on) Route 225 vol 1 [END]
Slot 3 Kindaichi v 38 (Legendary Vampire Murders)
Slot 4 Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 1 - 12


  1. Is it possible to reconsider Sin & Punishment for slot one in November?

  2. Hmm, that's possible. My current opinion is meh, and I would prefer new ongoing series, but I'll think about it again in November, since these charts are notoriously inaccurate.

  3. So there's no chance for Panty & Stocking after all? :(

  4. I have no raws, unfortunately. If raws do appear at a future date, it would defeat the point, since I just want to see what it's all about, and the anime would've started airing then.

    I have some Newtype Sept scans, but they're only the first 73 pages, and doesn't contain the PSG drawing or comic. SRW doesn't seem to be scanning the entire mag, either...

  5. Don't let the author's engrish beat your own senses.

  6. Well, I can't just ignore his Romanization, though it might be inaccurate

  7. thanks for starting this manga :D

  8. Yip Man manga gets my vote. I mean, the dude is Bruce Lee's mentor !!

  9. That's what I thought too, but somehow they're managing to put out 20-40 fully colored pages per week, not to mention that I have to do a lot of research on Wing Chun and Kung Fu in general. Also, this manga isn't based off of the first Yip Man movie nor the second, but a prequel movie made by completely different people.