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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goddammit, guys

If I didn't mention it enough times, HnS is supposed to be for enjoyment but not archiving purposes. That means it's not to be registered, nor uploaded anywhere else.

I mean, this is messed up, man. I stated that I still haven't read the middle third of this series yet, but you guys are still willing to paste it everywhere. Furthermore, the version uploaded onto MangaFox was even the pre-proofread version. Not to mention that this was registered 2 days after otakami released theirs, to pour salt on a wound. I know that registering on MangaUpdates was probably a well-intentioned mistake (unlike the people on MangaFox), but the consequences still follow.

The only way to fix this, is to not translate 65 in advance. I started for various, nefarious reasons, but ended up wanting to finish what I started. Now that otakami caught up, you shouldn't have to wait too long for the last chapter.


  1. why you even mind those faggots.... there are plenty us of true fans who are waiting for your translation :(

  2. it's funny. i never said i'm bothered by your work on the series because of what you said about this whole thing(what mangafox did is another thing) :))

    idiots will always be idiots. Most people that upload to readers don't even read the series. They just want people to see their name next to the chapter.

    oh, shin from otakami btw :)

  3. It wasn't so much about bothering you guys (I'm glad I didn't), but that the whole mess was exponentially spiraling out of control. Even if they're idiots, I can't ignore their actions.

    Oh, and the last 3 (colored) pages of chapter 65 has been posted here, though the last page has been crumpled up out of rage, lol:

    YK Ours has been out since the 28th in Japan, so raws will probably land tomorrow or the next day, considering that Daioh, Sirius and Shonen Ace raws just dropped. Good luck.

  4. I got used to them to be honest. Tell them not to upload it somewhere and that's the first site to host it.

    Yeah, I saw it. I lurk a lot of forums :)

    Did you get the RAW? Being at work sucks. I can't use any p2p programs.
    Anyway, if you get it, could you let me know as well?

  5. Here

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