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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Noririn ch 3

If it hasn't been clear from the first two chapters, I'll spell it out: this is not going to be a manga about suffering children, mass genocide, etc. Instead, it's going to be a pleasant biking manga. Alright? Good

Also, the layout of the blog has been changed in order to divide the large column to the left. More changes are probably coming to make this blog easier to navigate.


  1. Thank you for scanlating Mohiro's manga. :)

  2. This manga must be about me
    I had and accident 1 month after buying a new bike(not a motobike)
    i was going downhill with ~50-40km/h when i falled
    and the bike was stolen and it took 1 month to recover
    and even now (2months after the accident) i'm traumatized and hesitant to buy a new bike
    because falling from your bike at high speed is terrifying (I've fallen 5~7 meters from the bike o my chin and shoulder)

  3. You're just talking crazy. Of course it's going to turn into mass genocide. Or at the very least major traffic accident.