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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Redline Long PV

Despera has been so lonely in the "good anime" tab, so let's give it a friend. This is the trailer for Redline, a racing anime directed by Takeshi Koike, the key animator behind Trava and Dead Leaves. Those of you who saw the original Iron Man anime teaser might be familiar with this style. Unfortunately, since Koike is busy finishing up his precious movie (that took 6 years to make, no less), Iron Man will be done in CGI instead. Well, at least we still have Redline.

This trailer has actually been languishing on my drive for a month now. I'm surprised that no one else has released their own subbed PV, though there isn't much to be subbed. Early reports from UK and Swiss anons who saw an earlier version in their film festivals are very good, so you can bet that dudebro and I will work on this if no one else does. Well, that's assuming that I get some sort of reference such as Chinese softsubs or Japan DVD VobSub, because I suck at timing and spoken Japanese. I'm actually unsure about the 2 lines in this trailer around 0:50 and 0:53, but at least I can rest assured that the Chinese sub for the PV is more incorrect than me.

Anyways, enjoy the trailer

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