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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cyber Blue ch 19

Alright, back to normal business. Well, I'll be picking up yet another new series tomorrow, but that's only monthly and 10 chapters behind, so it won't get in the way, unlike Kindaichi, which is weekly and 10 volumes behind. I don't really plan to catch up to Kindaichi, however, since it's episodic anyways.

Anyways, the action is ramping up, though the story gets more and more bizarre from here on out.


  1. New series huh? is there a chance that it's Master Keaton ? I noticed it in your mediafire folder.

    Any thing by Naoki Urasawa is awesome!

  2. No, unfortunately, I don't have the capability to start on it. I would like to eventually work on Master Keaton and a Western action series called Red (apparently the only series on MangaUpdates with Native Americans), but they're both 20-ish volumes. I probably need a team like zawanons to break through those, should I choose to pursue them. Master Keaton is less likely because Urasawa's skills really took off during 20thCB.

    For the time being, I'm picking Ryoshka Ryoshka, a slice-of-life by Yoshitoshi ABe. It's monthly and only about 12 pages per chapter, though, so it isn't a huge load.

  3. I appreciate your effort and it's amazing that you're working solo on all these projects. Cant blame you if you don't have time for Master Keaton.

    Oh and btw, I read somewhere that Urasawa wrote Master Keaton with some other guy. Maybe thats the reason why it seems like its not 100%.