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Friday, August 20, 2010

Pokemon Special vol 33 raws

Don't get too happy, progress won't get started until I'm done with Noririn v1 and Cyber Blue v3, which both have 5 chapters left.

And starting from this volume, I'm trying something new by releasing primarily 2400p releases. Anime has already made its move beyond 480p, so manga should now move beyond the standard 1200p. So from now on, you can get 4 times the Pokemon Special! Of course, for people who aren't interested in HD manga, I'll still release downscaled 1200p chapters.

Edit: Of course, I mean manga I scan myself. Everything except Noririn volume scans (1600p) are only available in standard 1200p.

Also, volume 36 will use up the last of the donations. While I would be willing to pay for future volumes out of my pocket, you can help me by donating (every volume costs around $15). I want to say that every penny counts, but PayPal does take out a percentage of the donation and doesn't round; larger amounts would be more preferrable.

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  1. It's a good idea, with the actual screen size being bigger than before... though my monitor isn't that big =P