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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Random Raws: good! Afternoon #17, Kindai Mahjong 2011-08-01 & 2011-08-15, Pokemon Special BW ch 9

I'm ending good! Afternoon importation because the Chinese group agreed to share their Nanika raws. To be honest, I don't like the manga in this magazine that much, and I can download the manga that I do like (except for Nanika and Demon 72) from Share. Anyways, if I ever do have to import more issues, I'll make sure to scan them.

good! Afternoon #17 raw (IF)
good! Afternoon #17 raw (MU)

I'll probably stop importing this after September, because it's just not worth it. I'll import certain issues if the wait is unbearable, but this new Mudazumo arc is just starting, so I'll save my money for later.

Akagi is in 2011-08-01 (but not the other issue) if you're interested in that. They're still on Namek, though.

Kindai Mahjong 2011-08-01 raw (IF)
Kindai Mahjong 2011-08-01 raw (MU)

Kindai Mahjong 2011-08-15 raw (IF)
Kindai Mahjong 2011-08-15 raw (MU)

Finally, the chapter that won't get scanlated (by me) until late September (or early October if my schedule keeps slipping). You know, as a scanlator, I feel like Tantalus. The farther I reach, the farther away the fruit goes.

Pokemon Special BW ch 9 raw (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 9 raw (MU)


  1. Thank you so muchhh for your raw, anon! I know words are not enough, but your work is truly amazing, and I'm very grateful to you :"] Wish you the best on your work :"]