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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As you all might know, Young Ace is the magazine in which the Eva manga is serialized. That means that it usually comes with some Eva collectibles. I'm not much of a figure guy, so I've opened one of them (and sold it to a friend who really wanted it). I figure that it might be time to sell them to people who want them more and use the money to fund my expensive manga importation.

I have a Mari figure, a Rei figure, and two of the same Asuka figures. I actually got three of those Asuka figures because of a mistake by the vendor, but the third one is the one that was sold. I haven't opened them and I'm terrible at photography, so have these photos from a julajp instead.

The Rei figure is being sold as a set with one of the Asuka figures to save on shipping.

Mari Figure
Rei & Asuka Set
Asuka Figure

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