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Thursday, August 11, 2011

August and September Schedules

I'm pretty sure that this schedule is too optimistic and will be off by a week or two.

Update: Oops, PS volume 39 only goes up to chapter 430.


I've received $135 over the past few weeks. I want to thank everyone who donated very much. Together with the cancellation of good! Afternoon and Kindai Mahjong, I think the next year or two will be very stable.

I just changed the donation system slightly. Previously, I had a goal system, but I think that that suggests that I want donators to cover all costs, which is not what I want. Therefore, I got rid of it.



Pokemon Special BW

I just realized that our current "contract" has a problem: what if I forget to update everyone? For example, did you know that the current balance is -$6.48? I didn't either, until I did the math this morning. Anyways, I'm putting a new clause (just because I can, but it isn't bad for you anyways): "The deadline is seven days after I release the scanlated chapter that broke the -$20.00 limit." That means that the current deadline is seven days after I release chapter 11, should there be no donations before then. Fair enough?


  1. September's looks especially insane. I hope death by scanlation overdose isn't possible.

  2. shut up and take my money