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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pokemon Special vol 39 raw

Oops, pages 147 and 148 were slightly damaged.

Pokemon Special vol 39 raw (IF)
Pokemon Special vol 39 raw (MU)
Pokemon Special vol 39 raw (MF)
Pokemon Special vol 39 raw (JS)


  1. Finally! The wait was killing me!

    /a/non, you're the hero among heroes!

  2. thanks alottttttttttttttt platinum's froslass <3

  3. Ugh, it's just raws... me no comprehend Japanese.

  4. Thanks /a/non


    Then learn it.

  5. Oh my Arceus. THANK YOU.

    I'll wait until it's translated, though. But still, thank you. I've been waiting since February for this...!

  6. You my friend kick ass!

  7. Thank you so much, I appreciate you!

  8. @Michaelf1993

    So you're going to teach him for free?

  9. Wa-hey! It's here!!

    But, er... I would love to learn Japanese, but I simply don't have the time on my hands at the moment (Seriously. None of that 'lol' stuff. I swear I'd learn Japanese if I could...).

    Will you be translating it soon, /a/non?

    P.S. If you say 'no' I'm gonna jump off an effing building (lol this time, of course).

  10. @pokehacker123100::

    lrn2 check tags

  11. Fortunately, the chapter summaries are up on

    I wonder if they'll ever explain what Caitlin's "condition" is. Her going crazy was pretty funny.

  12. If you'd played Black & White, you'd know that Caitlin has psychic powers.

    In the past (or, present in this volume) she lost control of them whenever she lost a battle. Hence why you don't battle her in those games.

    Here, she's reminiscing about battling (because she isn't allowed to) and her desire to battle caused her to lose it.

  13. @Anonymous (The one who posted after me previously)
    Yeah. My bad. Still can't wait to read /a/non's translated version of vol39 though.

    @The Dood
    I read those. Pretty darn good English skills from Coronis. I actually enjoy reading his chapter summaries.

    Caitlin has psychic powers? That explains her erratic behaviour then. This is the kind of info I miss out on for not having a NDS console. Crud.