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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pokemon Special ch 422, vol 38 batch; retirement plan

>That preview

Oh boy, this party is getting crazy.

Pokemon Special ch 422 2400p (IF)
Pokemon Special ch 422 2400p (MU)
Pokemon Special ch 422 2400p (JS)

Pokemon Special ch 422 1200p (IF)
Pokemon Special ch 422 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special ch 422 1200p (JS)

Pokemon Special ch 422 PSD source (IF)
Pokemon Special ch 422 PSD source (MU)
Pokemon Special ch 422 PSD source (JS)

Batch volume fixes...everything, really.

Pokemon Special vol 38 2400p (IF)
Pokemon Special vol 38 2400p (MU)
Pokemon Special vol 38 2400p (JS)

Pokemon Special vol 38 1200p (IF)
Pokemon Special vol 38 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special vol 38 1200p (JS)

Retirement Plan

I usually get a ton of visits when I release the volume, so I figure that I should announce it now. As you all know, the Pokemon games and thus this manga are endless. In fact, it just entered the top 100 longest running manga ever by volume (if someone fixes its volume count in that article). Thus, I will eventually have to drop this manga, just because there's no end to it.

There are two plans right now for the eventual drop of Pokemon Special.

Plan A:
  1. Volumes 39-42: Normal
  2. Volumes 43-46: Scanning and translating only; no editing
  3. Volumes 47-50: Scanning only
  4. Drop
Plan B:
  1. Volumes 39-44: Normal
  2. Volumes 45-50: Scanning only
  3. Drop
With the Pokemon Special Restoration Project, one of my goals was to create a group that would succeed me, but that didn't go so well, mostly because I sucked at managing. I still have my doubts and reservations about DGS, so I'm hesitant to work with them. However, in these plans, none of those factors really matter: whether or not there is a successor, I will drop it when the time comes. I am not kidding.

Well, since the volume 43 comes out next June, this is still far in the future, but I thought that I would announce it now.

Other manga don't really have such a plan right now. 7o3x is slightly problematic because it looks like it's going to be fairly long, and editing/cleaning it is a pain. Even then, since they're less time-consuming, so the default plan is to keep translating them until they finish, especially for joint projects.

I feel slightly embarrassed to announce this just after I accepted a request to pick up a running monthly manga that has about 20 chapters out, but Pokemon Special is just that problematic. I've come to the realization that I unintentionally built a shaky monopoly on this manga that even dominates the translation groups of other languages and depends on just one person. I wanted to build a more sustainable group that handle the translation of this manga to the very end, but having failed that, I can only eventually phase out and hope that someone better will fill the vacuum.


  1. Goodbye, /a/non ... you will be missed T.T

  2. I was really hoping you'll continue scanlating but you have done a good job so far and I'm content with just that :) Good work

  3. Aww... sobssobs at least June is still far away
    But really, you've done a great work!
    Thank you so much!

    P.S Any idea of other group that's willing to take over Pokemon SP project?

  4. Reading this makes me sad.
    You did a great job, really :)
    I am an editor but I've been very busy. If by June you still want an editor I can help you! If that means you won't have to completely stop >_>

  5. I'd go for 'Plan A', if you ask me...

    Or at least finish Platinum arc, please, it seems so promising...

    Volume 38 was simply awesome, I even cried TT^TT Diamond is so cute! My favorite character by far... He must appear again at the end of this arc! >.<"

  6. awwwwwww, my heart sank a lil when i saw your retirement plans. your pokemon special translations have been awesome . anyway thanks for all the hardwork so far tho . reallly hope that u can carry on doing this till the end . =D appreciate ur hardwork much .

  7. well thats unfortunate but nothing last forever as they say. thx for the releases. plus i can understand your view since i don't think they will ever end pokemon lol

  8. Thanks for the release. Whatever you scanalate is appreciated. It's amazing how many versions of pokemon that they can consistently produce. I just hope that volume 43 at least covers the current platinum arc. Thanks again.

  9. Thanks for the releases /a/non, you will be missed.

    I'd like to know, if after you "retire" from Pokemon Special, if some other scanlating group takes it up and it comes to your knowledge, could you post a link to its blog here?

    I hope by volume 50, the Black/White arc ends as well,so that I can round out my collection.

  10. It was nice while it lasted. Thanks for scanning my favorite currently running manga series. I'm hoping that you'll hold out until Platinum ends.

    If you go with Plan A, I think I can edit Volumes 43-46 myself so long as the files and the script are uploaded.

  11. Thanks for the volume release! Whichever way you decide, I'd still be thankful for your scanlating and sharing this series at all.

    A question though: Are you going ahead with Black & White or are you dropping it as well?

  12. Thanks for all the work you've done for this project. If I could give you a badge, I would.

  13. Well, can't say I'm exactly happy with this really. You were the only one scanlating this manga, if you leave it, we can be sure no one will take it...another great thing I won't be able to read, since I can't read Japanese. Juuuust awesome...

    In my opinion, you should continue scanlating this. Let's face it, it's the most important thing in your hands right now. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's following this site only for Pokemon. Your idea of leaving it and just HOPING someone will take it is way too idealistic.

    Having said that, I can only hope you'll reconsider.

  14. So sad but you did indeed do a EXCELLENT JOB! Thanks for your hard work!

  15. I'm going to be honest, I am one of those who came to this site because of Pokemon and stayed pretty much only because of Pokemon.

    I am not saying I find your decision terrible or anything, it is true, it's a long-running series and one has to know where to stop but I do have to admit, it's a sad decision.

    So instead of bitching around because there's no guarantee that someone else will pick up this series after you drop it, I thank you very much for scanlating this for a long time and putting much efforts (fruitless maybe but the thought counts) into everything relating to Pokemon.

    That said, I do hope you will choose Plan A, but that is up to you. (Is 'next June' June 2012? It is, isn't it?) But you are scanning it for a few volumes longer, that will at least solve the RAW-question in case there IS another scanlation group who will pick this up. Thanks again for that!

    I have a question though, will you drop the BW-chapters as well or will you continue those? ...or rather, what are you plans with those?

    Thank you for this warnning ahead. I'm sad but such is life. Thank you again :3

  16. That's disappointing, but perfectly understandable. You've done a fantastic job with the series; I feel almost spoiled to have such high quality (both in terms of scan quality and translation quality) volume and monthly releases. When I think of the poor translation quality of the last volume of Emerald, I shudder.

    I'll be fine with whichever plan you go with, and I hope someone will step up and take over where you left off.

    And like several other people have said, I came for PokeSpe, stayed for PokeSpe, and ended up discovering several other cool comics. I'll keep coming back even after you drop PokeSpe.

  17. I-I- don´t want to believe this, but if it´s true, I'll just have to deal with it, but- It´s April fools right?, it´s still April

  18. Sad to know of your retirement plans but it's life and I'm glad you even picked up this series in the first place. I enjoyed your scanlations and I can't blame you for wanting to drop this - I kind of expected it actually. Pokemon Special IS neverending so long as there are video games out so it is quite a hassle.

    On a side note, I'd prefer Plan B over Plan A but then again that's your choice.

  19. It's a pitty that you're going to end up dropping this, but still, gotta thank you for picking Pokemon Special after iNet stopped scanlating.

    About your retirement plan, instead of following Plan A or Plan B, what about something like continuing your normal releases during the Platinum arc, scanning and translating only during the Heart Gold/Soul Silver arc, and drop it once HG/SS is over?

  20. It's sad that you'll be dropping pokemon special T^T. I really enjoyed reading this series, but thank you so much for all your hard work!

  21. Eh? You're retiring from Pokespe!? I won't force you to do anything more. You really did great with Pokespe, you even listen to us and stuff for QC, Complaints, Suggestions and everything.

    I first found you thanks to Pokespe. Thanks to you, I discovered other great manga series.

    Thanks for scanlating Pokespe. Thanks for everything.
    Good luck to your future projects. I'll still drop by every now and then even if you drop this. Thanks again ;)

  22. Too bad... Well I wasn't coming here only for Pokemon Special so I'm glad you aren't going into full retirement!

    (Please don't drop 7o3x, I'm pretty sure noone will ever pick it up after you)

    Thanks for all the hard work anyway.

  23. I'd like to throw my vote in for "stop after HGSS" because, let's be honest, stopping a scanlation halfway through a storyline is terrible.

  24. I'll be honest, I only came here for PokeSpe, but I applaud you're effort. You lasted a long time and I guess Pokemon really never will end!
    Thanks for all you're work so far

  25. Thank you very much for your hard work. And to be frank one of the main reasons you monopolize the scanlating scene for Pokemon Special is that the other groups gave up after people just simply post up the Chuang Yi (and now VIZ) scans after all their work.

    Heck I remember back in 2008-2009 before Mangafox became the center of the English fandom where we had to share things by email and Megaupload/Mediafire. So I presume we'll be going back to the good old days of waiting for updates (months at a time xD) and a relatively fragmented fandom.

    Still go with Plan A, but seriously, one I go to uni and get some finaid, I'm more than willing to bankroll the rest of this project. ^3^

  26. "Quote"
    Anonymous said...

    I-I- don´t want to believe this, but if it´s true, I'll just have to deal with it, but- It´s April fools right?, it´s still April
    "End Quote"

    I'm actually hoping this is the case. ;; I love this place too much, no one else did as good a job as you did with Pokespec. However, I do understand if you don't want to continue anymore, but still thank you for all the scans you've done up to now. ♥

  27. Thanks for your work and letting me prove to non-believers that pokémon is still awesome.

    Though my favorite manga is being dropped, I'll still be keeping up with your releases! =)

  28. good bye pokemon, i was on this site only for pokespe...

  29. Noooo. The only manga that I read that was on this site was PokeSpecial.

    And now it's going. :(


  30. Please, anon, don't stop until you have finished HG SS arc. I wanna see the Johto trio, especially Gold. I beg you, don't stop. Well, you can stop at B W arc, I don't mind that.

  31. That's quite saddening, especially after I had been pursuing the series since one year ago [haven't managed to finish reading the previous series yet, currently volume 33]. Hopefully you could finish the entire Black & White arc, given that it had been finished serielized so that it would have a somewhat 'perfect' ending as it's the newest pokemon edition.

  32. That's quite sad...

    I'm different from some earlier anon, I really hope you could continue scanning BW!

  33. I agree with Blaze Dragon. Not everyone reads the rest of the manga you post here; in fact, I think most of the majority who come to the site just come for PokeSpe.

    Dropping it so suddenly is just...uncalled for.

  34. Oh, God... Just found this site after wondering where the good scanlations of Pokemon came from...
    I want to see HG/SS so badly, but oh well...
    Thank you so much for all the releases, the scans before were so bad, you're some kind of saint ;D

  35. Like many others I found this site because of Pokemon, but now I also stick around for Kazumi Magica...but truthfully, with my experience I find the editing part of scanlation is very time consuming.

    If you were willing to only supply raws and translations I'm positive that there are other people like me who are willing to help. I've worked for other shoujo manga groups, and shoujo manga are known for sparkly screentones and backgrounds.

    But I respect your decision to stop scanlating, after all you are using your own money and time to do it for free, but maybe if you let somebody else handle the editing it wouldn't be so time or energy consuming for you. I personally would find it a great loss if you stopped scanlating Pokespe, so I hope you would compromise with me >.<.


  37. i just hoping you will finish PLATINUM CHAPTER.. just hoping it.. may my wish come true T.T since i love DPPt Chapter... :(((((

    i won't read Black-White XD

  38. I don't know how many volumes Platinum will have, but I hope you'll manage to finish it by June next year. Because honestly, I only read Pokemon Special just for the Dppt chapter.

    All good things come to an end, I suppose. I understand translating each and every chapter of the manga is a difficult task, so I'm not all upset if it takes so much time on your part.

    Thank you for releasing the translated volumes of my favorite Dpt chapter, and best of luck. (:

  39. I also came only for the Pokemon Special.
    However I came to like Ryuushika Ryuushika while waiting for updates, it´s a cute manga.
    And I don´t know if most of us come to this site only for this manga, but it´s your choice in the end to drop can go on forever as long as the games last...and it seems they will go on forever, so it´s understandable to stop it.

    Thanks for telling us ahead u.u. I think in the future someone will eventually pick it up. After all, que sera, sera...nobody will know what the future can bring...@.@
    PS: I vote for option A...and please don´t make it stop in the middle of a story, just end it >.<

  40. Well, all good things have to end someday. I only came here just for this manga, because it's so much better than the anime. But you have done an amazing job here and for that I take my hat off to you. I hope someone pick up your work.

  41. Like others, I only came to this site for Pokémon Special.

    I've no doubts 'someone' will eventually pick it up though, Pokémon is after all not something exactly unknown.

  42. D:>


    please dude... You can't just leave it like that... there has to be someone who do it

    Also you were the best translator of this manga ever (even More than DGS)

    ...don't stop please...

    at least... don't let it without someone who can do it...

  43. ...not to be rude, but... This is the best manga you translate

    and the one that make me know you...

    Actually, this is the manga that I like the most & the only one that I'm cheking month by month on your web

  44. I really understand, thank you very much for what you have done

  45. i could say oh no, the only reason i came to this sight is this series like everyone else, but im half cracking up at how many people are like DAMN THE ONLY REASON TO COME HERE IS LEAVING!

  46. I agree pokemon is a neverending so your decision to stop is a right thing... And i agree to people who said stop full at HGSS... I don't play BW.. Dislike the pokemon and the gameplay...
    Well thank you for all of the hardwork, i'm following this manga just from DPPt :o -have read before DPPt but not much following-

    And to people who cannot acccept... I wonder. Will you donate? Or atleast helping hand?
    Don't be a leecher if you want something perfect. Besides, pokemon will never end. -.-

  47. Thanks man,

    you were the best around.Miss ya.but please complete the platinum arc,it's hilarious and definitely one of the best.

  48. My nigga why are you leave.