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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mudazumo Final Rising Sun Tapestry

I tried merging chapter 48 (actually chapter 47.5 now) again...and the damn thing still won't merge completely. Therefore, I'll have no choice but to ask if someone could buy and scan the tapestry above, which costs 2980 yen (US$35). I think it went on sale in Gamers at Akihabara when volume 6 was released a few weeks ago. If it sold out or something, it'll be back by May 4th.

I'm willing to pay US$60 (5015 yen) through PayPal for someone to buy the tapestry AND scan it. I'll walk you through how I want you to scan it, don't worry. Just have a scanner that can handle 300-350 dpi. If you can only buy it, then we'll have to negotiate more on shipping.

Chapter 41 should be out in several hours.

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