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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Change of Schedule: Oriko Magica

Correction: The release date for Oriko vol 1 is now confirmed to be May 12th.

I've heard rumors about Madoka vol 3 and Oriko vol 1 coming out on April 28, which seems likely now that the anime is finally finishing up on April 21 (MBS, TBS) and 24 (CBC). The statements below are still effective if the date is different.

I'll be working on Oriko with any and all anons (and others) who want to collaborate like what those anons did for Madoka vol 2. Due to its spoilertastic nature, Oriko will preempt everything and anything on my schedule. I'll probably be done with Mudazumo and everything else on my April schedule by then, so it'll delay Jiya and Cat Diary.

I might try something new for this project. Someone had once suggested that I should develop a danbooru-like program for scanlation. I still think that that doesn't work because typesetting is far too complex for a program like that, but there was a good idea in that. Danbooru-like image boards are well suited for parallel scanlation efforts. The translators can put the translations on notes over the relevant bubbles, the proofreader/TLC can change it, and the cleaners/editors/typesetters can take the raw, process it, and upload the cleaned/edited(/typesetted?) versions.

Anyways, the /a/nons who did Madoka vol 2 had seen me attempt it once, but I had problems with gelbooru. Since it's dependent on a ton of stuff like RoR, Danbooru is too complex to set up (well, it would be simpler if I were to run my own Debian-based server), so I'm going to try Shimmie this time around. It doesn't support notes, but it does have a pretty cool extension API, so I guess it's time for me to brush up on my PHP/MySQL.

In case this fails, I'll just do this the normal way and find the thread on /a/.


  1. Cool. I want to see how this turns out.

  2. Felt pretty good my idea might bring something good to the community, mang.


  3. According to the puella magi wiki, Oriko is actually getting a May 12 release per the official website -