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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 2011

I think that I should at least give a passing mention to my plans this month.

As for my independent work, the order will go like this:
  1. Nanika ch 7
  2. Pokemon Special ch 420-422
  3. Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku ch 41-45 (along with 46-49 redo)
  4. Pokemon Special BW ch 6 (raw scan will come tomorrow)
  5. 7o3x ch 5-6
Meanwhile, Kaibutsu Oujo vol 14 (ch 60-63) will be translated. I think the other project with Animexis will start moving along as well.

Young Ace scans was delayed because I left for vacation right before the issue arrived, and I haven't found the time to scan all of it yet. I've scanned about 600 pages, so I'll probably finish tomorrow or the next day.

If you're wondering about Pokemon Special RS Wide, it turns out that bk1 doesn't sell it, so I'll buy it in June from Amazon (or yes-asia) after all three volumes come out. It might be cheaper to order from Amazon anyways, since the volumes might be considerably heavy.

Anyways, this was a massive scheduling mistake on my end. I can't blame this on any natural disasters if I wanted to. The explanation is just that the four series that have the highest priority happened to release together (well, I guess it's true that I made things worse by throwing Nanika in there). I can only imagine the mayhem that would happen if Oriko Magica wasn't delayed.

Well, since Pokemon Special volume 39 hasn't been announced yet, I might finally be free in May after I finish Jiya. I'm most likely going to pick up one of the few short series that I have been looking at.
  • Itou Junji's Cat Diary: It's an one-volume comedy manga, but Junji Itou still draws it with his horror manga style, which makes it unexpectedly funny.
  • Comic Hoshi Shin'ichi: A two-volume anthology of short stories written by SF writer Shin'ichi Hoshi, and drawn by artists like Kitoh (again), Takako Shimura (again), etc.
  • Fairytale Labyrinth/Douwa Meikyuu: Two-volume adaptation of short stories by Mimei Ogawa, the Japanese Hans Christian Andersen. I'm a bit disappointed with this because it seems that the stories have been changed quite a bit.
  • A two-chapter series, but I haven't received it yet.
Since they're short, I'm willing to cooperate, recruit, or joint with anyone competent on any of these series. However, keep in mind that I might have to take a month or more to get around to them.

That's all for now.


  1. Can't wait for Cat Diary. Love Itou's work. While I love Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku, I am more interested in 7o3x

  2. So Pokemon Special 39 isn't even out yet? Aw, I thought it was so I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer, oh well, thanks for posting all of this!

  3. 2wandering-dreamer

    Why would volume 39 be out yet? They release about every 3-4's been two...

  4. I'm an avid Junji Itou fan, so I'm really excited to see this translated.

    This website has scanned and translated much of Itou's work. You should let them know that you're planning on doing Cat Diary!

  5. @Micahel1993: Ahhhh, I have no idea when the release dates are for this series (I literally only started rereading it a couple of weeks ago) and I thought that the Platinum arc was completely over with, ie that all the volumes were out as well. At least I know that now.

  6. Itou Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Muu
    or Ito Junji´s Cat Diary is my favorite manga.
    My girlfriend considers this the most adorable Ito Junji work, while one of my friends used the title of the 10 th. chapter to compare this to other work by the mangakas (^~^)
    I'm really looking forward the translation.