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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pokemon Special BW ch 06 raw, Reburst ch 01-04 raws (from Club Sunday)

No missing pages this time, I promise.

I'll get around to this after Mudazumo. By the way, the balance is now $9.20.

Pokemon Special BW ch 06 raw (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 06 raw (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 06 raw (115)

Anyways, it appears Pokemon Fronti-...excuse me, Pokemon Reburst ended after 5 chapters. I don't think they even made enough pages for a 200-page volume. According to a recent interview that the chief editor of Shounen Sunday had with, it "had been in the works since 3 years ago".

Update: Damn, I should have read on. "Sorry, the above image is a hoax." (すみません、上の画像はウソです。)

I just noticed that chapters 1 through 4 were all on Club Sunday in one form or another. All of those raws were uploaded onto scan sites before, but in case you're all too lazy to clean them, here are perfect raws from Club Sunday.

I have no plans at all to translate this manga.

Pokemon Reburst ch 01-04 raws (IF)
Pokemon Reburst ch 01-04 raws (MU)


  1. ...and I thought Digimon was always sort-of copying Pokemon and not the other way around. Though I liked Digimon Frontier BECAUSE it was adifferent from the original premise that was a little bit Pokemon-ish. But this...

    Well, I'm looking forward to the new BlackWhite chapter, anyway. Thanks for the news!

  2. Blah blah blah, Pokemon Frontier....can't people give it a chance? It's actually kind of good...

    Wait, a minute...what does that "picture is a hoax line" supposed to mean?

    Well, too bad that the gym battle was in Shogaku

    otherwise we would've seen the battle between Black and the Pedohiker himself, Andy

  3. @Michaelf1993 To be honest I was more curious about the Gym Battle, so I'm glad it was the chapter we ended up getting. XD It looks like the Gym Battle doesn't end this month though, so we'll probably (or at least hopefully) get the continuation (and probable) conclusion to it next month.

  4. I can only find chapter one on Club Sunday. Where did you find chapters two, three, and four on there?

  5. "It was a hoax" means that I was tricked by a shop. It's good to know that this blog has fallen to Sankaku-level accuracy.


    2-3 was on their special disaster relief thing

    4 was under "This Week on Sunday"

    OMD's scraper doesn't show 2-3, but if you edit the YAML data file with the right info, it'll still download it

    I probably should make a feature where it would download the chapter if you just gave it the URL. Actually, in retrospect, I should have started there then worked up to the scraper. Well, whatever, I'll get around to that eventually.

  6. If you have ever thought about putting up a Pokemon manga other than PokeSpe, then I'm proposing a very interesting manga titled "Pokemon BW: Good Partners". It has very unique art, which portaits the world from the games incredibly accurately. It seems to be very different (its plot is game based, but has original main characters) and kind of shoujo-ish (but not cutesy like the old "Magical Pokemon Journey"). It runs in Shogaku 3.

    But from what I can see, you can barely afford the PokeSpe and other mangas you're doing for now. Nevermind the proposal, then. But maybe some other translation group could do that.

    The manga I mentioned looks far more interesting than ReBurst, just no one has made a big deal of it.

    Here's a sample of it:

    It'd be really awesome if some scanslation group puts it up (or at least gives RAWs for someone to translate).