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Monday, March 7, 2011

Today in Pokemon Manga

About Reburst, it...looks kinda stupid, to be honest. The dude combines with his Pokemon, like in one of the later seasons of Digimon:

Since Pokemon Special is already effectively weekly (it isn't actually weekly, but it acts as if it is), I cannot pick up another weekly. If you look at my past year, I've only translated about 200 chapters. After April 2011, I will be translating:

By myself:
Pokemon Specialabout weekly
Mudazumo Naki Kaikakubiweekly
Ryuushika Ryuushikamonthly
With FTH:
Kaibutsu Oujomonthly
Demon 72bimonthly
With Animexis:
Nanika Mochigattemasu kabimonthly
????? ?????ended; 10 chapters
With Shini-Tan:
Kazumi Magicamonthly
Oriko Magica?not serialized

If you add up all of the estimated number of chapters (weekly = 52 chapters, biweekly = 26, monthly = 12, bimonthly = 6), you get 164. The actual amount is smaller, because of breaks, especially with Mudazumo (about a break every 3 chapters). Also, this doesn't take into account the page rates of each manga. Nevertheless, that leaves barely enough room for Pokemon Reburst. I would rather dedicate that space to other (ended) manga, and other hobbies.

The only conceivable ways in which I would pick up Reburst is if 1) I go crazy or 2) an overwhelming majority of fans want me to drop Special and pick up Reburst. Both of them seem fairly unlikely at this moment. Besides, if there is a overwhelming majority, then a bigger group would've already picked it up.

I would be willing to mentor (but not directly lead or manage) a new group if someone else gathers enough dedicated members, including another translator.

Anyways, back to Special, it seems that the last issue was a big fat lie. It is continuing in Shogaku Yonensei. The notice that I cut out did say that it was ending, but I guess it just meant that the arc is ending, not the entire serialization. I think that this is another arc of BW.

Pokemon Special BW ch 05 raw (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 05 raw (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 05 raw (115)


  1. Aww, PokeSpe is only weekly, not that I'm complaining. Thanks for everything up 'til no /a/non!

    Oh yeah, I have a post that I should've posted a long time ago but couldn't since I couldn't see the captcha...

  2. ReBURST for leaving Pokespe?

    No......thank you

  3. Pokemon Reburst? Is that a joke or are you serious?

  4. the picture really looks more like something out of digimon than pokemon and i don't like that :(
    and pokespe is way more important to me than reburst.

  5. ReBURST looks (and sounds) a bit stupid. . .and how the hell will combining with pokemon fit into the story and world setting? How does that even happen? I could see with digimon (the kids being actually data in a digital world, so combining and/or modifying their data makes them digimon) but with pokemon?
    Pokespe is awesome. /a/non is awesome. Thats all there is too it.
    Keep up the good work, and thank you very much for what you do, I am very grateful for the pokespe scans as I'm sure many others are.

  6. I like the idea, I'm always open for a its not like they got rid of pokemon...that girl was about to use a pokeball

  7. Hm i would much rather u stay with pokemon special, mainly cause i like to finish what i started and like rather then drop something and read something new that i might not like

  8. I know nothing about Reburst. It would be better to keep Special since I know and like it. But that's just my opinion.

  9. I always imagine that they will make the trainer will fight alongside their trainer using weapon and magic power like in final fantasy.

  10. Since I want the trainer come into action too. Not just standing and doin' nothing. But, oh well, this manga only make 20% of my imagination become true

  11. Heck Yes! I love digimon. I like the illustrations in Reburst, a little bit cliche for shounen but not pokemon- it's well drawn and the character designs are nice, a bit compact, older. I think the pokemon community is so used to the same thing, "Change badaad!" xDD Anyway, I see you're busy busy busy. But if you find the time, I'd really enjoy it!