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Monday, March 7, 2011

Online Manga Downloader 0.0.6

I might as well start calling Nagato "Prometheus", because he has brought fire down from the heavens once again. Well, fine, Prometheus only did it once in the original story before he was punished, but you get the idea.

This time, Voyager Store's CrochetTime was cracked. It's a special ActiveX plugin (on Windows). Nagato reversed engineered it from assembly. It turns out that the plugin doesn't rely on any authentication at all. That's right -- this code can download for-pay books and magazines on the Voyager Store. That includes the first 100 volumes of Golgo 13 (out of 158), the 3 newest issues of Morning Two (Saint Young Men, Hen Zemi), etc. Currently, because Nagato hasn't cracked the code for decrypting books stored in plain text (I think?) I haven't implemented the code for parsing other kinds of book files, the scraper is limited to scraping products classified under "Anime and Manga" in Voyager Store, but it is capable of downloading many products, free or not.

I also added Manga On Web, for all volumes of Say Hello to Black Jack, and "Bokuman". The site layout is kinda shitty and hard to parse, so the scraper for that doesn't work very well.

The download info format was changed yet again to remove some redundant fluff (the class names), so it's "manga_download_info_3.yml" now. It is not compatible with 0.0.5.

Online Manga Downloader 0.0.6 (4SH)

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  1. can you tell me how to save the manga file to jpg?
    let's say this one