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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pokemon Special ch 416

I'm slightly disturbed at the revelation with Platina's mom. If Platina's mom had to make the Berlitz family emblem as well, it means that she was in the Berlitz family when she was young, which may imply one of the following:
  1. Both Platina's mother and father were born into the Berlitz family, and the Berlitz family supports incest.
  2. Both Platina's mother and "father" were born into the Berlitz family, but her biological father is actually dead and the person who she thinks is her father is her uncle or someone else in the Berlitz family.
  3. Only Platina's mother was born into the Berlitz family, and her father joined the Berlitz family as a result of Sinnoh's marriage practices.
  4. Only Platina's father was born into the Berlitz family, and her mother joined the Berlitz family as a result of her marriage. She had to make the family emblem when she was young as well, which may mean that they married in their early teen years.
  5. Only Platina's father was born into the Berlitz family, and the marriage between Platina's mother and father was arranged when they were young. Mrs. Berlitz made the emblem in anticipation of the marriage in her early teens, and got married later.
  6. New one: Platina's mother was adopted into the Berlitz family when she was young.
None of those implications sound very good, though I may just be overthinking this.

Anyways, as you all know, this is the last chapter of the DP arc. I thought that it was more character-driven than usual, which was slightly disappointing but understandable. Now that all of the characters are fully developed (except Looker), I guess Platinum will be nonstop action.

I wonder what happened to Riley vs. Saque.

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  1. Maybe you're thinking a little too much into that....maybe...

    And so ends the 7th chapter

    Next is the 8th chapter, Platinum

  2. I agree with Michaelf1993, think you're overthinking it just a bit.

    Otherwise though congratulations on completing your first arc! :D I bet it feels great to have finally completed one. (I know you didn't work on every DP volume, but you worked on almost everyone so I still count it)

  3. I second the other two's thought, you're just reading too much into it. It might just be an idea not developed well enough, but I like your last probability, which has the most likelihood to happen.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work so far. I'm looking forwards to Platinum arc, as everyone else does also, I assume.

  4. Thanks for the release.

  5. The D/P arc was 4stars. it was good especially when Saque appeared i was like holy **** but I hope the Platinum Arc is good like the Emerald Arc or close. Cause the Emerald Arc was EPIC.
    Keep scanlating

  6. As far as I know, even in Japan it's a pretty normal practice that the male got adopted into the family upon marriage.

    Especially since the Berlitz is an upper class family, they will want to keep the family name lines.


    Are you interested in scanlating Time of Eve? It's published on Young GanGan IIRC.

  8. I'm not interested in doing direct adaptations with no significant changes to plot. If there are some extra stuff, then I would be happy to.

  9. so where's the part that says Prof Yanase is the one who did research on Rayquaza and the Orbs back in Emerald?

  10. When a manga based on Pokemon get's this serious...and just makes me love PokeSupe even moar. <3

  11. The lack of Madoka over the last two weeks have made me prone to overthinking everything instead of just one thing.

  12. I support your theory number 3 and 5. Those are probably the most likely thing to happen. But nr.1 does also seem likely in old rich families (at least in mangas), so her parents could be like second cousins or something like that?

    But I also wonder what happened to the battle of Riley and Saque. They ended the DP arc without ending the battle :/

  13. Thank you so much for the scanlation. When I look to the past, it was great to follow your scans. I have waited everytime for new chapters and it was worth of it. I hope you will keep going.

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  15. Only 4 chapters in this volume ... :(

  16. Hey, did they retrieved their Pokedex'es from this Galactic Grunt? I can't recall.

  17. @Marcin
    No. There're 6 other chapters to start off with Platinum Arc.

  18. It's perfectly normal in Japan for a guy to drop his family name when he marries into a rich family.

    That said,


  19. Thank you so much for scanlating!
    Have we ever seen Platinum's father with his crest in the first place? I'm for number 3.

    @Daniel in the previous chapter Saque talks about her grunt and shows he still has the pokedexes in his pocket before getting interrupted by Riley. I guess the trio is pokedex-less right now.

  20. They mention in volume 30 that only the heirs do it and all the ones we saw were female

  21. Thx for the realease! woo here's to another arc complete :D *cheers*

  22. On page 77, the very last speech bubble of the page is untranslated.

    On page 85, in the top-left panel, "There's one more thing we have do," should be "There's one more thing we have TO do."

    On page 86, "The fastest way to find out about it would be asking Team GALCTIC..." has Team GALACTIC spelled incorrectly.

    I liked the ending of this arc.

  23. The ending of this arc was very fast, but I liked it more that it was character driven :P

    I vote for number 3 XD it's fun to draw these sort of conclusions from fictional stories