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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 3 script

In an unexpected turn of events, Kazumi Magica is the only part of the franchise that isn't horribly delayed. I don't know whether to be happy or not.

The raw this time is from regular Share scanners, so I'm sure that they won't mind if I reupload.

Update: link replaced

Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 3 raw (MF)
Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 3 raw (IF)

Share Info: (一般コミック・雑誌) [まんがタイムきららフォワード] [Magica Quartet×天杉貴志] 魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ 第03話 [2011-05].zip 豊臣秀幸1OM4vslKvZ 14,575,048 e0e36fc1e8b2ac17cbdb3daf71c09d64e3bfdc33

Anyways, I finally figured out what this series is missing. Or rather, was missing:
  • weapon spam: fixed
  • girls getting eaten: kinda fixed, then unfixed
  • quiet stalker who may or may not be a cat: fixed. Well, she's more of an assassin
  • time loop: ?
  • MLK Jr. quote: still missing
From some spoiler pictures that I had seen, I thought that this was going to be episode 3 all over again...but then it flipped me the bird and went off in its own direction. That's not to say that it isn't getting interesting, though I'm glad that the series is following its own path.

I wonder what's up with the food puns, though.

Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 3 script (4SH)
Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 3 script (PasteBin)


  1. Mediafire link is broken

  2. Oh yay, another Incuabtor

    Kyubey has friends to screw with the lives of teenage girls....

    You know, I'm not really getting into this....but I'll keep reading to see if it gets better...