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Monday, March 21, 2011

Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders batch

Finally done. In retrospect, I guess I should worked on cleaning the first 3 chapters a bit more, but the tilting is minor.

The possibility and time depends on a lot of variables right now (the biggest one being "when is Oriko Magica going to be released"), but I don't think I want to give up on this series yet. I have quite a bit of other short manga series that I want to get around to first, though.

Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders batch (IF)
Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders batch (MU)
Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders batch (4SH)


  1. So /a/non, if you don't mind me asking, what's next on your schedule?

  2. Ok. That sounds very promising! I hope someday to be able to read the raws, but I don't see how long it will still take (3 years course study is not enough, should use more time to study myself).

  3. @Daphne: I've got a lot of options at this point. Here is a short list of manga I'm considering:

    Jiya, Oriko Magica and Itou Junji's Cat Diary are certain; Makai Tantei Meiousei is very likely, though I've only seen summaries so far. I was actually afraid of a conflict with Mudazumo 6 and Oriko Magica 1 in mid-April, but Oriko got delayed, so all is well.

    There are a few options afterward:
    a) Do a few shorter manga, like Douwa Meikyuu and Comic Short Short (not on M-U)
    b) Do a longer series, like Kindaichi (NEW series; 8 or so volumes so far), The Accidents (10 volumes) or Master Keaton (20 volumes; joint with HappyScans)
    c) Pick up a slow series, like Kamisama no Iutoori, Tsuki Robo, etc.

    Chances are that it will somehow be a combination of all three.

  4. Love Junji Itou. Plz translate more of his works.

  5. May i use your Kindaichi scan to retranslate into another language (for example: Vietnamese)? If that, thank you very much!

  6. I would not upload something that I did not want someone to download.

    I'm pretty sure that someone was translating it to Vietnamese, though. At least, back in October or so.

  7. It was dangquangkdc of but until now he has taken no action. That's why I wanted to make a move.

  8. Thank you SO much for doing this scanlation! I've only got a couple of the TP releases and there aren't many scanlators doing Kindaichi, so this was very exciting for me to find. :D

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing. Are you going to scan next volumes of Kindaichi?

  10. Omg, how did I not know about this before? I <3 you so, so much. ;o; Thank you for translating this.