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Monday, November 8, 2010

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 9 + 10

Since I'm so close to catching up, I might as well put a little more effort into it.

Update: v3 uploaded on 02:32 PST, Nov. 9

Maybe I should put more effort into proofreading.

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 9 + 10 v3 (IF)
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 9 + 10 v3 (MU)
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 9 + 10 v3 (4SH)

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 9 + 10 PSD source (IF)
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 9 + 10 PSD source (MU)
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 9 + 10 PSD source (4SH)


  1. For chapter 10 page 3, the last panel I think you meant "Let's play with them later" rather than "Let's with them play later".

    For chapter 10 page 4, the second panel the second bubble I think you are missing the word "dark" as in "No, it's still too dark outside.

  2. The last page, when Ryoshka said okay, I think she said "no" since her brother then asked her why like she doesn't need to see it next time.

  3. Oh well, shit, this is unacceptable. Thanks

  4. Oh, I think the one on the last page is correct, since her brother is surprised that she actually wants to try the larger fireworks next time. She says "ん…いい". Usually it's (い)いや or いいえ for "no".

  5. Or I guess it could mean "I'm fine". Hmm, now I'm not so sure either

  6. The third page now says "Let's play with them play later." I don't know if there should be 2 "play"s.

    I think "I'm fine" is better too.

  7. Thanks. I found some errors with chapter 10 too, but you seem to have fixed some.

    Page 2: You've eaten them
    Page 3: insect repellent (it's the more accepted spelling)
    Page 3: Let's play with them later
    Page 4: No, it's still too bright outside

  8. I want to ask...what is the difference between 'big brother' and 'brother' in japanese?I don't get it. This manga is nice.


    @Anne: Ryoshka is address her brother politely while he wants her to call him casually. For this manga (and every manga other than Kaibutsu Oujo), I don't use family nouns ("oniichan", "anii"), so I translated it as the nearest English analogs ("big brother", "bro").


    Someone scanned the whole volume. I guess you shouldn't have torn your volume up.

  11. Oh, I was actually thinking of rescanning since I realized I made a mistake with the colors. Well, that saves me some work.

    Besides, I bought two copies.