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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Magazine Importation

I've been asked by someone what the cost for importing magazines is. In particular, Shogaku Yonnensei for Pokemon Special's Black and White arc, which just started, but this applies to all of the series without magazine scans:

  • Pokemon Special: Shogaku Yonensei (along with Corocoro Ichiban and Pokemon Fan, but I think Black and White is only on Yonensei) (monthly)
  • Noririn: Evening (biweekly)
  • Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Kindai Mahjong (biweekly)
  • Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan: Young Ace (monthly)

Keeping in mind that the typical manga magazine issue is around 800-1000 pages long and weighs approximately 1-2 kg (Young Ace issues weigh 1.5 kg), the current importation options are:

  • bk1: I use it to import volumes. The fastest shipping options are EMS, OCS and FedEx, but it has other, less efficient shipping methods (see 4, 5, 6). bk1 DOES NOT have Shogaku Yonensei, though it has Evening, Kindai Mahjong and Young Ace.
  • HMV: Uses EMS, but only has Young Ace.
  • MangaOh: Uses EMS, but doesn't have Shogaku Yonensei.
  • fujisan: It has all of them at inexpensive prices ($17-$20 / issue)...but they haven't delivered yet. Subscriptions seem to take a month or two to start. This is the best choice if they actually pull through.
  • Amazon Japan: It's a reliable source that has everything, but the base shipping price for shipping to North America is 3000 yen (US$37). Nevertheless, additional items only cost 300 yen, so it's ideal for simultaneous purchases of more than two issues.

That's all I know right now from importing issues of Young Ace, which is costing lots of money, but that's unimportant to me, because it's a great magazine. If the joint projects with Animexis works out and we build up some trust, I might be able to rely on Kanapox (their leader and scanner) for Young Ace scans instead, since they import it as well.

If you know any cheaper options, please tell me, I'm more than happy to spend my (or your) money in a more efficient manner.

Anyways, back to the topic of the post, if you are a fan of Pokemon Special, Noririn, or Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku, and have disposable income to spare ($20-40 / issue, depending on the shipping method and shop), you're more than welcome to negotiate some sort of deal with me. However, I prefer to cut up the raw and scan it myself so I can manage the quality, so the magazine will come to me. I can scan and upload other series in the magazine, as long as it isn't the entire issue.

If you can only spare part of the money, but want me to subscribe anyways, try commenting below. A few donors contributing $5 per month is fine as well, as long as I don't lose too much money.

In other news, Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku is coming out with an anthology in December called Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Dainiji Kaikaku (Reform without Wasted Draws: Second Reform). I think it's going to be an anthology of side stories, but I'm not sure. I'll probably put that off until January, delaying Route 225 by two weeks or so.


  1. Just donated $10 for pokemon under David. Tell me if there are any problems since I've never donated money before. Thanks for your constant hard work.

  2. Just donated $50 for pokemon too.

  3. Amazon Japan ran out, so I'm ordering from a Taiwanese retailer, of all places. It might take a few weeks

  4. @a/non/: How much money did it cost?

  5. No idea; international shipping is charged after it ships. If I remember correctly from the one time I ordered an official Chinese translation from them, it's on par with EMS, at least for one volume.

  6. so we may be getting scans of the BW arc straight from the magazines? cool..

  7. ---^ As exciting as that is, the only problem with that is Pokemon Special is one of those few series that goes through a lot of changes between the magazines and volume releases; and the magazines tend to be out of chronological order too. So in some ways it might be best to just keep on just waiting for volume releases, and getting the monthly summary and pictures from Coronis on Serebii. the same time I wouldn't mind raws for the magazines, and possibly early translations either; since at this rate it'll be a whole year before we start getting HGSS in the volumes (I mean DP is just going to FINALLY finish and Platinum will just FINALLY start in volume 38, which should be out around February 2011...) and probably one and a half or close to two whole years before we even get B/W. So this might not be such a bad thing after all. *then again I'm maybe I'm not the best person to ask XDDDDDDDDDDDDD* But hey, I guess if people want it enough and we can get the money for it and a/non doesn't mind, by all means, go for it.

  8. I've been enjoying staying up with BW so far (it's just starting, we've only got 3 chapters so far) so I'd definitely be all for this.
    Just sucks HGSS and Platinum are still out of the magazines though, (Platinum's magazine got canceled leading it to a volume release; and HGSS's last month was this month and it'll be finished off via the volumes as well) but keeping up with BW will be fun enough. Plus we should be getting to Platinum (and even possibly the first volume of HGSS) by next year anyway. =P

  9. Yes but wouldn't it be best to read the manga now as it is now instead of waiting an entire year?

  10. I'll probably chip in $5-15 a month as you need it.
    I feel I should make up for the thousands of dollars worth of manga I've downloaded now that I work full time and have a decent income.
    Besides, the Aussie dollar is good at the moment :D

  11. ...That is true. I guess you're right. xD And well, I must admit the thought of getting RAWs and translations for all the chapters is pretty exciting! Especially since it's better than just a summary and a few pics from Coronis every month too. (not that I don't appreciate what he does, but still)