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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Noririn ch 9

Like I've mentioned before, there's no available raws after chapter 12, but I'll translate 9-12 anyways while waiting for volume 2 to come out sometime next year. My policy for magazine scans is to redo them when the volume raws come out if the volume raws are better, and this is no exception.

(Ryoshka Ryoshka's volume raws are invariably worse, since its chapter raws are published online without any printing or scanning, so I'm only doing the pages that are exclusively featured in the volume)

Rin's mom has a creepy "just a planned" smile. Not even a "nico" sound effect, not even a background hinting to the devious nature of the character. Just a simple lines denoting her subtle joy and surprise. Forget Light's helicopter scene, forget Keima's "I can see the ending" gig. This is it, the smile of a mastermind:

Noririn ch 9 (IF)
Noririn ch 9 (MU)
Noririn ch 9 (4SH)

Noririn ch 9 PSD source (IF)
Noririn ch 9 PSD source (MU)
Noririn ch 9 PSD source (4SH)

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  1. Fuck yeah. I've been waiting for this one. Thanks bro.