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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pokemon Special BW ch 01

What interests me isn't the hot-blooded Black. It isn't his Wargle, which only evolves from Washibon at freaking level 54, or the fact that its nickname is "War". No, the most interesting part is what Black does with his Munna. Game Freak needs to add this feature in Pokemon Gray or whatever they call the third game.

Anyways, since the official translation hasn't come out yet, all translations will be consistent with Kazowar's open patch and Bulbapedia.

Also, I forgot to add a new series to MangaUpdates in advance. Even though it's still part of Pokemon Special, I have no idea what the chapter numbers will be, so it would be easier to make this into a completely new series on MU.

Update Nov 18: Fixed

Shogaku Yonensei is actually a normal-sized magazine with a small booklet containing the manga chapters, so importation should be cheaper than expected, especially since fujisan delivered on Young Ace after all (for a cheap $17.93). However, either way, magazine importation for just one series is a luxury. Thus, the costs and donations of Pokemon Special magazine importations will be kept tightly on this separate page. I'll only pay for my own mistakes and for costs of transactions with PayPal and BoA, which charges $0.75 per international transaction.

I'll state my policy clearly right here and right now: magazine importations under this agreement will stop when the deficit goes over $20. Ok? Great. I'm well-funded right now, but it's never too early to donate.

Pokemon Special BW ch 01 2400p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 01 2400p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 01 2400p (4SH)

Pokemon Special BW ch 01 1200p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 01 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 01 1200p (4SH)

Pokemon Special BW ch 01 PSD source (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 01 PSD source (MU)

Pokemon Special BW ch 01 raw (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 01 raw (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 01 raw (4SH)

The last chapter of HGSS was also included, but it won't be scanned or done until Cyber Blue and Noririn chapters are finished. Negotiations with the Chinese group broke down because the actual raw scanner's profile is private (baidu also functions as a social networking site). Since HGSS is over anyways, it isn't really worth the trouble to use my nonexistent social skills to negotiate for BW raws that are weeks late.

And no, I will not play a telephone game and translate the Chinese HGSS 2010-11 release.


  1. You, sir, are a god for doing this.

    I'll translate the rest of the HGSS 2010-11 chapter if/when I find the time and the energy to sit through another seven-odd hours of going through a dictionary and trying to figure out the meaning.

  2. I




    so much right now..

    I'd hug you if I could

  3. okay, yes, that munna is amusing.

    thanks for the chapter, appreciate your work =3

  4. If you liked it, please don't forget to donate!

  5. hell yeah love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It's one chapter by month ?
    Week ?
    Anyways, thanks a lot for this chapter !
    Really good surprise.
    What is the other series in this magazine ?

  7. Ooh Black & White are out already? Japan works fast (and so do you, THANK YOU)

  8. Wow, I'm so glad that when finally making myself to read through the entire special series to find it still being scanlated and not dropped or something. So thank you very much for making such efforts, thank you so very, very much!

  9. First thing first, thank you very much for doing this scanlation.

    Next, according to netkun site, all three magazine: Yonensei, Pokemon Fan and Corocoro Ichiban are hosting the new series now (since HGSS has, technically, finished):

    And there were actually 2 chapters before this one for B&W (can't remember from which mag though). Therefore, technically, this can't be chapter "1"

  10. Me again, just re-check netkun, those first 2 chapters were from Pokemon Fan vol 14 (Nov edition)...

  11. Oh wow a/non, thanks so much! A really great chapter and was so nice to be able to read it and see ALL of the pretty pictures. But man, so much was left out from Coronis summary it makes me wonder how much else I missed....Like, White's Pokabu having a nickname, meaning the third dexholder won't give his/her Pokemon nicknames. Black's nicknames being just like Red and Dia's, and even having a Wargle this early and it being named "War", lol. Heck, Coronis didn't even mention how great of a battler Black was shown to be in the chapter, or that the Pokemon League was new and not opening up for a year. And oh, not to nitpick, but technically this is B/W chapter 03. :3 The chapters are out of order in the mags, but there were two other B/W chapters before this, last month actually, one with Araragi talking to Makomo about three boys and girls from Kanoko Town coming by to pick up a dex, and the starters destroying her office while she tried to stop them, and the second one was of Black in Hiun City searching for a Zorua which escaped him. No worries though, this is great enough! :D I do hope Coronis will post the pictures soon since we have NOTHING for those chapters beyond a summary and the couple of pics on the Japanese site....

    Glad you are doing this now so, so we'll never have another problem again! We'll all try to do our best to donate when we can to make sure you can keep up with doing this "luxury" for us! ;D

    Also -- the Munna thing was a shout out to the C-Gear on the B/W games. So actually it IS already in the games. Ironic too because you can actually have wallpapers on your C-Gear, and one of them can be of a Munna. XDDDDD

    As for a couple of other things I want to say in reply to some people....

    @Simon Thanks Simon! I was afraid you gave up translating the chapter, looking forward to the whole thing.

    Actually it's usually 2-3 chapters a month, depending on the situation. Sometimes even more, but that's a bit more rare. The other series in this magazine is the last chapter of Special/Adventures Heartgold/SoulSilver. Or if you mean what all series are in the magazine to be honest I have no idea. xD

    @bookworm-faith: Yeah! Japan is already on Platinum, HGSS and B/W as well. :) They tend to do multiple arcs at once at times. And yeah! A/non is great and very fast. Thanks again a/non!

  12. Because I had nothing better to do, and am fluent in Chinese -

    Page 10:
    Panel 01:
    Flame Plate!
    Splash Plate!
    Zap Plate!
    Meadow Plate!
    Icicle Plate!
    Fist Plate!
    Toxic Plate!
    Earth Plate!
    Sky Plate!
    Spooky Plate!
    Insect Plate!
    Stone Plate!
    Mind Plate!
    Draco Plate!
    Spooky Plate!
    Iron Plate!

    Only the elect that wish to obtain Arceus's power are qualified to hold these 16 plates!

    Panel 02:
    Lass! (Crystal)

    Panel 03:
    You, my dear, have also helped us tremendously.

    Panel 04:
    It is said that the Sinjoh Ruins can only be entered in the presence of Arceus.

    Panel 05:
    The single reason we were able to proceed thus far is because of your courageous but futile attempt to capture Arceus.

    Panel 06:
    Even though the battle was short-lived, it slightly impacted Arceus.

    That impact created a temporary crack in Arceus's defense.

  13. Page 11:
    Panel 01:
    And though that impact lasted for no more than a fraction of a second, it allowed us to capture Arceus.

    Panel 02:
    Of course, your friend there is to be thanked as well. Collecting all 16 of Arceus's plates in a matter of days...

    Panel 03:
    There certainly are remarkable young men and women in this world.


    Panel 04:
    All that you've done has only aided our project to capture Arceus.

    It certainly is enjoyable.

    Panel 05:
    Now, with the combination of the young lads and lass, alongside the evil Team Rocket, it is time to proceed to the final stage of this project.

  14. Just read my translations. They could certainly be better. ._.

    Page 12:
    Panel 01:
    Arceus! As the owner of the 16 plates, I command you!

    Now, commence creation!

    Panel 03:

    What is that fellow talking about?!

    Panel 04:
    The meaning is in the word itself.

  15. Page 13:
    Panel 01:
    Arceus is known as the Pokemon of creation.

    Now, following the interpretation of the word, Arceus is about to create.

    Panel 02:


    Panel 03:

  16. Page 14:
    Panel 02:


    Legends. So as to say,

    Panel 03:
    The legend of one that controls time!
    The legend of one that controls space!
    And the legend of one that controls the Reverse World!

    Page 15:
    Panel 01:

    Panel 02:

    Panel 03:
    And Giratina!

    Page 16:
    Panel 01:
    The three created by Arceus!


    Panel 02:
    With the ability to control Arceus, and even Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina at will, no one will dare to oppose us!

    Now, the rebirth of Team Rocket as the most powerful group on Earth!

    Panel 03:
    Am I not right?

    Our honorable leader,

  17. Whoops, forgot Panel 04 on Page 16.

    Panel 04:
    Arceus! Magnify my voice throughout the region!

    Now I've even stopped making sense. Oh joy.

    Page 17:
    Panel 01:
    Sir Giovanni, if you are still alive, please listen to our voices!

    For your return, we have finally obtained the strongest possible lineup!

    Panel 02:
    No matter what the region, no matter what the organization, none are strong enough to defeat us - Team Rocket!

    Panel 03:
    With the powers of Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and even Giratina, we are undefeatable!

    The strongest of them all!


    Panel 04 + 05:
    Please, Sir Giovanni, return to us! Team Rocket!

    Page 18:
    Panel 01:
    Hey. Why are you in a daze? Scared stiff by the Pokemon of legends?

    Panel 02:
    Or is it heard an unforgettable name?

    Panel 03:
    Such as...Giovanni?

    Panel 04:


    Panel 05:
    I overheard a conversation.

    Something not even Apollo, Athena, or Lance know.

    Panel 06:

    Are you not the son of our leader?


    Yey for horrible translations.

  18. @Shiro: Monthly

    @Draco: It might not be reordered the same way when they make the tank

  19. Heh, thanks, "- Me".
    Saved me quite a bit of time.

  20. Don't ask about that. I have no idea why it happened. ._.

  21. Anon I just noticed but you listed Denchura as 596

    The raw used 102, its number in the isshu dex...yours made it seem like he has the national dex

  22. Oh, I didn't notice that when I took the screenshot

  23. Thank you very muchly!

    Pokabu=Tepig now. Meh. The Japanese is better. And Munna is awesome win.

    ...I'm waiting for a future arc in which Gold and Black meet. And hoping that Wargle has the same name in English.