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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Read My Lips

For Pokemon Special, I will only translate chapters from Shogaku Yonensei, and volumes. Period.


  1. You're ruining Cyrus's guyliner!
    Nah, but that's fine. Keep up the amazing job. I can't wait for the final chapters of Cyber Blue!

  2. I'm glad that anybody's doing that much at all. we really appreciate it!

  3. dammit Dakota -__-

    oh well...I still can't wait for 37


    Thank you for your hard work..,

  4. @Michaelf1993 I'm sorry. I didn't know he was only translating the Shogaku Yonensei chapters, because I don't remember him saying it on any of the magazine posts. I just knew he was picking up the BW series from now on (November 2010-onward), 'til people stopped donating enough for him to do it. And was just saying BW has now moved to Pokefan and Corocoro Ichiban as well.

    But, anyways, that doesn't matter. ^__^ The volumes alone are enough, and the fact we're even getting any of the magazine chapters is good enough for me! It's more than anyone else is doing and I'm sure we'll still be getting quite a bit in that magazine alone anyways. (doesn't it usually have two chapters at least?) Plus we'll have the site pics, and Coronis' summaries and pictures for the chapters in the other magazines anyway, and will get them in volume form one day too. So keep up the good work a/non! And sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to sound spoiled or to ask you to do more work! I just honestly didn't know. ^^;