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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 17 script

For some reason, this feels kinda like Idolmaster Xenoglossia now. Well, except it's not the greatest love story between a mecha and its pilot.

ch 17 script (pastebin) (mf)

The Share EX2 uploaders are back, so if you want the Share raws for the last few chapters:

ch 15 Share raws (mf) (if)
ch 16 Share raws (mf) (if)
ch 17 Share raws (mf) (if)


  1. As I commented before, I saw that girl having nasty secrets, but her last comment has left me in awe.

    Also, I think "Lepa Macha" stands for Italian "Lepre Maschio", "male hare". I suppose it refers both to Satomi's surname, Usagi, and to her name written entirely in kanji.

    1. Oh, didn't know that. I wish they included the original Italian on the side.

    2. According to the author Q&A at the end of volume 2, it's supposed to be "Lepa Mačka" (Serbian for 'cute cat').

      Also, I think Umika's spell could be "Carcere Pausa" ('jailbreak').

    3. Oh, I guess I should have translated that.

  2. Serbian!!!! Really, I didn´t expect that.