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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pokemon Special ch 437

For once, the author made a mistake and not me!  He confused Guard Swap with Guard Split.

2400p (if) (mf) (fu)
1200p (if) (mf) (fu)
PSD source (if)(mf) (fu)


  1. The link of 1200p at (mf) and (if) is shuffle.
    and there's no chapter title.
    but all thx for your hard work ^^.
    this chapter is too short for me TT.

    1. The 2400p link is also shuffled, just a heads up.
      Anyway thanks for the chapter! :)

  2. He also had Giratina affected by Trump Card and stated DragonBreath sent damage back to the user's opponent.

    Kusaka must be off his game.

  3. I see people complaining about the chapters lenght all the time :S

    I don't plan on reading them until the whole volume is translated, but I'd want to know how many pages do these chapters have...

  4. Gotcha! Gotta quick DL it... ^o^

  5. A couple of things:

    On page 121, in the middle panel, "She predicting it." should be "She's predicting it."

    On page 127, near the bottom of the text on the left side, the words "Pokémon States" somehow got garbled up at the end (here's the raw page for comparison).

    1. Another thing that JB noticed is that the title is missing in the first page.

      Thanks a lot, /a/non!

    2. Aaand, in the last page you used "Shinxes", Pokémon names are usually kept singular, like "two Clefairy". ;)

  6. hey thanks anon-

    up to what chapter does this volume go? also can you given eta on when you'll release the next chapter? keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks anon, these chapters are coming thick and fast. 50% due to your speedy scanlating, 50% due to mini-size chapters lol
    It's a shame Kusaka's making these mistakes, but the manga's still great anyway so never mind!