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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pokemon Special ch 442

New arc and new font choice that I wanted to try for a while now.  If the bubbles are too small, then WildWords is just a bitch to work with.

I'm not sure if the conversation on page 19 is supposed to have the double entendre. I just translate them as I see them.

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  1. yosha! what i'm waiting for! ^o^

  2. Thanks for the release, appreciate you guys staying with this manga. By the way quick question: Is the HGSS arc all in one volume?

  3. Yay, the new arc is here! Just as I feared, it's going to be about Arceus... But who cares, Gold is back! And it seems we'll get both Team Rocket and Silver's reappearance, meaning more Giovanni! Even Bruno, Koga, Will and Karen are on the cover!! Yaay!

  4. On the back cover summary, 'Drake' should be 'Lance' instead, right?

  5. Thank you, /a/non! The new fonts sure make it easier to fit in the balloons. I think if you used VIZ's names for the Pokémon, like Exbo, it would be even easier. Well, thank you again!

  6. So are all the chapters this long? They're really going with extremes for the chapter lengths in the last two volumes.

  7. Thanks Anon! You rock harder than Regirock!

  8. THANK YOU. I have been waiting for the HGSS arc for sooo long. :3
    I appreciate what you're doing, /a/non! Thank you soooooo much!

  9. /a/non, you're amazing. Thank you so much for everything you've done, I can't tell you how grateful I am.

  10. So why is Cyborg 002 in Pokemon now?

  11. Thank you so much for the translations /a/non and I like the new fonts they're nice. :3

  12. In the table of contents, you put an extra 8 in the page number for chapter 445.

    On page 20, in the second bubble, you used the incorrect "Pokémons" to refer to multiple "Pokémon."

    Also, a few questions:
    What is the new font named? Is there an international version of it?

    After volume 39, you've consistently titled the notes by the author and illustrator "Authors' Notes," but before, you kind of alternated between "Author's" and "Authors'." Is there any specific reason why you're sticking with the plural?

    I know you've probably answered this before, and you can of course answer or ignore any question you receive, but why do you not put the accented e on Poké? Is it for consistency? If so, any official English appearance of, for example, the word "Pokémon" still offsets it, including the Pokédex entries and the copyright notes. Is it because you don't have all of the right fonts? If so, then why don't you just put the accented e on the fonts you have it, since it already shows up with and without the accent regardless.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my questions!

    1. The new font is CC ComicCrazy (used for Ben-to Zero and Boku Daku ga Inai Machi).

      I don't know why I've been inconsistent on that. My grammar just wasn't working some days, I guess.

      I don't put the accent because, yes, some fonts I use don't have it, and even if change all of my fonts, it's annoying to type on a US keyboard. I have to either copy it or memorize and use its Alt shortcut, which is like 5 keys (and I don't like to have num lock on, for various reasons). Also, I know that it's a brand name, but I just find it strange that all other Japanese names I translate don't need any accents to help people pronounce it correctly, and yet this one has to have it.

    2. Thank you so much for answering, and, if you don't mind, one last question:
      If (when) you drop this series (I assume your retirement plan is still in effect), will you post what specific fonts you used for all of the different speech bubbles/summaries/authors' blurbs text to give future potential scanlators the ability to be consistent with your releases?