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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pokemon Special ch 441; vol 40 batch

Wow, this took an obscenely long time.

2400p (mf) (if) (fu)
1200p (mf) (if) (fu)
PSD source (mf) (if) (fu)

Batch fixes...stuff.  A lot of it.

2400p volume batch (mf) (if) (fu)
1200p volume batch (mf) (if) (fu)

I know that isn't anymore, but it will always be that way in my heart (mostly because the redesign and migration is shit). It requires a free account to download now?  Fuck that shit.  I'll find another secondary mirror or multiupload site to replace it.


  1. It's Yanase, but it's no big deal. Thank you, /a/non!

  2. Supppeeerrr thankkk youuuu!! ^o^

  3. Thanks for the work /a/non, but man did this volume feel rushed.

    I understand they wanted to get it over with fast, but the Platinum arc really needed one more volume. Heatran and Rotom got all that buildup, but then Cresselia, Darkrai and Shaymin were just shoved in, and Manaphy and Phione were just crammed in at the literal last second. I don't know why they didn't save any of those considering they're saving Arceus for later.

    It really feels like a volumes worth of content was cut just so they could finish Platinum already, and I have a bad feeling HG/SS will be this way as well once they get through the finished chapters.

  4. That was a disappointing ending in what I thought would have been a great series. There were untied loose ends, a lack of development in so many areas and characters and just the general feeling of "Is this really the end..." Ugh. Not looking forward to HGSS or B/W

  5. May as well join the bandwagon... I definitely felt that the platinum arc was too rushed. I think if there was just one more volume, and it was stretched out over 4 volumes it would have been better.

    I have this feeling that the HGSS arc will be just as, if not more, rushed than the platinum arc was. Oh well, it will be good to see the older characters again, since that was missing in DPPt arcs.

    I am kind of just waiting for the volumes to get up to the BW arcs already. It will be kind of like a fresh start, since they definitely aren't as rushed as Pt/HGSS.

    ANYWAY, after my ranting... THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!! :)

  6. FUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK YEAH!! I've been waiting for this for ages!!! Thanks a lot anon!! Itadakimasu!

  7. Even if it indeed felt rushed, I really loved the last volume and, especially, the last chapter. Thank you very much, /a/non. ;)

  8. Seriously thought the ending was perfect.

  9. Bringing in the manzai one last time was too great. The segue into the next arc was also enjoyable. Serious thanks, /a/non!!

  10. ^"Bringing in the manzai one last time was too great" - So much rightness, ou em ji!

    I guess it felt rushed... But it couldn't not have been. Whenever a legendary appears, it should have a few chapters for the battle against it. Here we have Dialga, Palkia, Dusknoir, Cresselia, Shaymin, Giratina, Rotom, Regigigas, Heatran... If they were to not rush, the final battle would have to take several volumes.

    Besides, as much as a Pokemon-otaku I am, Sinnoh plot sucks. It's just too ridiculous, recreating universe, Pokemon controlling time and space... What BS...
    Of course we still have Arceus to go (easily the most idiotic Pokemon ever) and I guess that's what HG/SS will be about... Eh... Whatever, I can't dislike this manga. Lately it's a bit worse than it to be, but that's mostly the games' stories fault.

  11. thanks~ Gonna miss them sob