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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Arpeggio of Blue Steel Special Book

This took longer than I expected because I forgot about the extra explanation pages, which ate up a lot of time and effort.

2400p (mf) (ss) (eu)
1200p (mf) (ss) (eu)
absurdres (6000p-ish) (mf) (ss) (eu)

The source was edited at 6000h, but I've uploaded downscaled 2400h sources too.  I don't think I'll ever justifiably edit manga at such a high resolution again.

2400h PSD source part 1 (mf) (ss) (eu)
2400h PSD source part 2 (mf) (ss) (eu)

6000h PSD source part 1 (mf) (ss) (eu)
6000h PSD source part 2 (mf) (ss) (eu)
6000h PSD source part 3 (mf) (ss) (eu)


  1. My body and soul are ready.

    Thank you so much for your work.

  2. Thanks for the special. :)

  3. Thanks for translating this :)

  4. yay thanks guy I like this manga

  5. Thank you very much

  6. I am truly thankful for your efforts to translate this series. I am having a problem with the download links for this book, maybe it was taken down?