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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oriko Magica ch 7 [END]

And that's the ending to Oriko Magica. I thought that it was rather poignant, and Katsuu (the QCer) said that he cried.

Oriko Magica ch 7 2400p (IF)
Oriko Magica ch 7 2400p (MU)

Oriko Magica ch 7 1200p (IF)
Oriko Magica ch 7 1200p (MU)

Here's the batch to chapters 2 through 7. Nothing has been changed, so you don't need this if you already have all of the earlier chapters.

Oriko Magica ch 2-7 batch 2400p (IF)
Oriko Magica ch 2-7 batch 2400p (MU)

Oriko Magica ch 2-7 batch 1200p (IF)
Oriko Magica ch 2-7 batch 1200p (MU)

I can't say that it has been a pleasure working on this manga, but I certainly don't regret it. I hope that we've achieved our mission of providing fast and accurate scans for Oriko Magica, and I implore all of you to give Kazumi Magica a (second) try. Thanks for reading or even working on this manga.


  1. Thanks for the hard work, really liked the Madoka series in general, and Kyouko :3

  2. Thanks for the release XD
    Just wanted to make sure of something, (SPOILER) since Madoka died Homura is gonna go back in time right? Also what ever happened to Yuma??? She never showed up in the Madoka series.
    This series is quite confusing when you put this a prequel to Madoka.

  3. Well if you consider that the 'evil nuts' from Kazumi din't appear in Madoka at all and there's a different incubator. The spin-offs are very different from the anime itself.

    Homura most probably got rid of Oriko beforehand after the Oriko timeline, thus Oriko wasn't able to get QB to contract Yuma and so Kuze, Oriko or Yuma would have any reason to come into contact with Kyouko, Mami, Homura or Sayaka. Though this timeline solves the problem of Mami not going crazy. But Madoka still dies.

  4. That's it? I somehow expected it top be longer.

    "Also what ever happened to Yuma???"
    Obviously nobody will ever know it.

    "She never showed up in the Madoka series."
    Umm... maybe because this manga was created after the anime and it had different writers? How can writer A react to something that writer B does after A finished his work?

  5. Yuma became a magical girl because of Oriko's scheme. Oriko becoming a magical girl and killing other magical girls with Kirika is apparently unique to this timeline, so it's safe to say Yuma won't contract with Kyuubey.

    Instead, Yuma will contine living with her parents. The magical girl killings never happened, so the magical girls could easily defeat the witch that killed Yuma's parents before it kills them.

    What I want to know is if the scandal only happens in this timeline (or is only found in this timeline). I want a good end for Oriko and Kirika, too.

    "She never showed up in the Madoka series."
    Episode 10 was used to show Homura's backstory, not irregular timelines with unique events. Oriko, Yuma, and Kirika only interact with the lead five in this timeline, so they wouldn't be shown in the anime.

    @anon1: Kyouko is great. Dat fang.

  6. Why the discrepancy happens is really mysterious, since Homura is basically rewinding the same timeline over and over again. Quite much like Yuki in endless eight except that she makes choices and creates slightly different endings. If this discrepancy happens in the next timelines, Homura would probably kill off Oriko and Kirka first. So 0% chance of ever appearing in Madoka's anime. Kyouko might still have saved Yuma from the witch that attacked her and her parents, but apparently this din't happen in the later timelines.

    Though from Madoka we see that a city is normally dominated by 1~2 Puella Magi. However in Oriko, the magical girl killings suggest that there are much more in the city which is sort of a discrepancy with the Madoka story. And, Kyouko appeared right from the start, whereas she appeared in the Madoka line to take over the town when Mami died.

    Probably not going to be another Oriko continuation though. Kazumi still might be continued.

    Kyouko is just too awesome in so many ways. She looks great and her personality is just so sweet. For her to give up her life just to be with someone she only just met like that... Yes she's a complete idiot for doing that but that's what makes her so likable. Of course the yuri context din't hurt as well > w<

  7. Thanks for releasing Oriko! Not too sure if this question had already been answered (sorry if it has) but will you be releasing Chapter 1?

  8. The length of the series made me cry...

  9. Thanks for doing this. Also, on the discussion, I don't know why people keep saying Homura would kill people just to avoid them becoming a problem, like this is in character for her at all. If it were true, she would have done that for Mami or Sayaka in the anime but she never does. She could do a number of simple things to avoid the same situation. For instance, maybe Oriko contracted that timeline because Homura was too successful keeping Madoka from contracting, leaving QB to wander off and find other magical girls. So maybe the next timeline she'd deliberately distance herself and let QB keep his focus on Madoka rather than find other magical girls to contract.

  10. About Homura going to the extent of killing to get her ways, it's most likely that she exerts a yandere-type aura, since she devotes herself whole shit loads for Madoka. And that kind of character is stereotypically violent. But I do think that Homura would go to the extent of killing if she did not have any other way. She obviously meticulously plans her timelines based on the information provided by the previous ones and tries to accomplish her mission with the least amount of destruction.

    Since QB is hive mind and there are unlimited copies of him, I don't see why 2 QBs don't just go try and contract them simultaneously

  11. It's surprising that no information is given about what happened to Yuma, Kirika, and Oriko in the other timelines. I rather feel it's a major flaw in this story.

  12. Would it be possible to reupload the batch? Thank you.