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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oriko Magica ch 4

The exciting conclusion of the battle between Mami and Kirika. I have to say that it was really clever.

Oriko Magica ch 4 2400p (IF)
Oriko Magica ch 4 2400p (MU)

Oriko Magica ch 4 1200p (IF)

Oriko Magica ch 4 1200p (MU)

Also, the party is understaffed. There's only two people working on it right now (me and another anon), which is just two less than the last volume, but those two were good editors. Remember when I said that this manga doesn't have a lot of "pictext"? Yeah, about that... I'm not good at redrawing, so if you have some spare time, there's 15 pages to redraw in chapters 5 and 6 (click "View all versions" in the image page to find another raw). I appreciate any help.


  1. Is it just me? The few last pages of 1200p version are missing.

  2. I saw the thread. As much as I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, I checked both downloads and they had all 56 files in them, so I think your download might have been prematurely terminated or something.

  3. Nice, thanks for this. It's an interesting manga.