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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7o3x ch 8

Not much happens in this chapter. At least now we're caught up for the next few days.

7o3x ch 8 2400p (IF)
7o3x ch 8 2400p (MU)
7o3x ch 8 2400p (4SH)

7o3x ch 8 1200p (IF)
7o3x ch 8 1200p (MU)
7o3x ch 8 1200p (4SH)

7o3x ch 8 PSD source (IF)
7o3x ch 8 PSD source (MU)


  1. thanks for the new chapter~

  2. thanks a lot man!
    oh and sorry but i got a question for you well not exactly mine but.. a friend just brought this up and it's kinda bug me.. so in chapter 4 mikuriya was able to answer the question with only the key word "because it's there" i don't really mind it at first but after my friend mention it.. it's kinda weird so.. i was wondering does in the original there's a more explanation that makes sense like the word was mentioned in english.. thanks and sorry for the trouble :)

  3. Thank you for the chapter!!!

  4. Thank a lot for this amazing chp

  5. woahhh thank you so much for your hardwork!!!

  6. Thanks a lot! It's really good.

  7. IIRC, in the original, he buzzed in after hearing "なぜや", or literally just "Why" and "mount-" of "Why did you climb this mountain?"

  8. I changed the order of the question such that "because it's there" came first because answering on "why did you" is way too vague, no matter how good Mikuriya is.

  9. Thank you again. It looks like the story is expanding a little. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

  10. OMG so fast!
    Thank you so much for the scans~~