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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Route 225 ch 1

Fucking finally. 211 days after I took the request, here's the first chapter of Route 225.

Anyways, there's a problem. I left the physical raws and forgot to rescan the color pages. The color pages and covers are too light, so I will have to make an exception and do a volume v2 in the far future (in March when I go back during Spring Break?) with correct color pages.

Otherwise, this is perfectly fine. I'm trying out new fonts for this manga because WildWords just isn't hipster enough for me now. Well, I won't change the font of ongoing series, but future series will probably use different fonts.

I might just be generalizing Takako fans too much, but in case you're here for...unique themes present in Aoi Hana and Hourou Musuko, Route 225 doesn't really have them. I don't want to disappoint people again after letting down Kitoh fans with Noririn, after all. However, the art is great as usual. It's a shame that I had to desecrate her beautiful watercolors with my not-so-beautiful scans.

Here's the first out of 11 chapters. I also got the DVDISO of the live action movie off of Share, so I might make a raw encode sometime in the future.

Route 225 ch 1 2400p (IF)
Route 225 ch 1 2400p (MU)
Route 225 ch 1 2400p (4SH)

Route 225 ch 1 1200p (IF)
Route 225 ch 1 1200p (MU)
Route 225 ch 1 1200p (4SH)

Route 225 ch 1 PSD sources (IF)
Route 225 ch 1 PSD sources (MU)


  1. That was quite an unexpected twist, definitely looking forward to the rest of this.

  2. This is pretty good, looking forward to the rest.