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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Online Manga Downloader 0.0.4

Minor update because Club Sunday made a small change that broke downloading. "pcviewer_main.php" no longer goes directly to the viewer unless you add a "&vo=1" argument. And I thought that they caught on to me, phew. Anyways, I also changed the user agent of the downloader just in case.

I also finally remembered to make the downloader delete the temp files generated by Yahoo Comic and Club Sunday downloaders. You guys might want to check your temp folders for pcviewer_temp*.bin files.

Online Manga Downloader 0.0.4 (4SH)

As always, leave bug reports, suggestions, etc. in the comments or in the github repo.


  1. Does Downloader automatically update itself? Chapter 22 of 超弩級少女4946 is up on Club Sunday but Downloader doesn't see it.

  2. Manually refresh it. I actually don't remember to update the server list that often, unfortunately.

  3. Thank you! I think you told me to do this with 0.0.2 but I'd forgotten.

  4. Comic High seems to have made a small change to their files. I can't see any of their files with 0.0.4. I can see their older files with 0.0.3, but after I do a manual refresh to see the new ones (like Tsugumomo 33) I can't see any files, old or new.

  5. Hmm, it works with my 0.0.4. Try redownloading the program?

  6. I reloaded the program and updated the Java on my machine and that fixed it. Thank you!