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Monday, January 10, 2011

Pokemon Special BW ch 03

I wonder how this manga will handle that ferris wheel scene. N doesn't seem to get along with Black and White.

Pokemon Special BW ch 03 2400p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 03 2400p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 03 2400p (4SH)

Pokemon Special BW ch 03 1200p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 03 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 03 1200p (4SH)

Pokemon Special BW ch 03 PSD source (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 03 PSD source (MU)

Pokemon Special BW ch 03 raw (IF)

Pokemon Special BW ch 03 raw (MU)

I'm also experimenting with vector graphics. Compared to fansubbing, scanlation is at a disadvantage because we don't use "softsubs". The point of softsubs is so that the subtitles don't look like fuzzy shit in the future, even if the base video will. Unfortunately, we don't do that in scanlating. Thus, I'm experimenting to see if vector graphics might be a good way to do so. However, since not many viewers support SVG right now, we'll have to settle for PDF.

The process for producing this is quite complicated because I want to compress the raster images the way I want to, and thus I need 2 PS scripts, 1 Illustrator macro, and 1 bash script to convert the PSDs to PDF, then to linked SVGs + JPG/PNG, and finally back to PDF. The linked SVGs were actually as small as the 2400h releases when rar'd, but again, most image viewers don't support it right now, so I won't upload it.

The result is somewhat satisfactory. I had to convert the text to outlines for now, but at least it's vectored.

I won't do this for every release. I'll definitely do it for Mudazumo ch 48's merged spread, though.

Pokemon Special BW ch 03 "vector" PDF (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 03 "vector" PDF (MU)

Oh, and lastly, the current balance of Pokemon Special BW is at $17.27. That means that if no new donations come in, I will stop the subscriptions in two months.


  1. Thank you! ^-^
    It looks like White likes Black :3

  2. Waaah, thank you for posting this so far! I love this manga and how it's progressing x3

    I'll see if I can donate a bit, I have a lot of left over cash from Christmas and I'm selling my iPod c:

  3. Thank you soo muuch :3!

  4. Ferris Wheel scene? You want the Shippers to go crazy? *case in point: anon#1's comment*

    Oh well, at least we get to see Black's newest Pokemon, Chura

    also, on page 2 you spelled Erufuun as Erefuun

    and on page 7 you spelled Denchura as Dencura

  5. Well, I wasn't really interested in this, but after this chapter I'm getting pretty excited. This is getting really good! At least i have somethink to read while waiting for Platinum and HG/SS chapters.

  6. *glomps the chapter and runs away* THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DAY after my first exhausting school day of this year xD

    ...and I sadly understand little of the process of vectoring ....all I think of when I hear or read vector is maths...*is shot* But have fun experimenting, even if I don't read the pdf-version (yet).

  7. Thanks for the Pokemon Adventure scans that you have been providing (:

  8. and while i am at a crappy new spring semester of school, a new chapter of bw is scanlated! thank you so much!

    (it'll be funny if for the ferris wheel scene the protagonist is replaced with... bel or cheren. XDD) *take that!!*

    rofl. If I were a bit richer and had my mom's permission, I'd donate. But sadly, I'm slightly bankrupt and my mom's a tightwad. Again, not in the mood to log in.
    - pk2495 :)