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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fractale ch 4

And this surprisingly short chapter concludes my scanlation on the Fractale manga. I only did this in order to provide a preview to this mysterious anime. However, if the manga is different enough from the anime, I might pick it back up.

Fractale ch 4 (IF)
Fractale ch 4 (MU)
Fractale ch 4 (4SH)

Fractale ch 4 PSD source (IF)
Fractale ch 4 PSD source (MU)
Fractale ch 4 PSD source (4SH)

Update (Jan 8): New PV for the OP is out. Or is it the entire OP sequence? It sure looks like it. Epilepsy warning for the trippy fractal background:


  1. o god the character designs are horrid in the anime and quite a few scenes are changed/don't happen in the anime that do in the manga. not to mention they tried fitting the entire first chapter in the 1st episode so it felt completely rushed. i wouldn't even have known what was going on w/o having read the first chapter :<

  2. Seeing as how the character designs are changed, would you consider picking this back up again? I know it seems a bit anal to pick at that, but I think Fractale may get changed even more since the director is probably on medication.

  3. The changes I'm looking for are more plot-based. Hence, I chose Eureka 7 as an example. The NGE manga also qualifies.

    Also, I want to state more clearly, in case you guys pick on my words later on. I chose to use the word "might" because my decision to pick back up this manga will be entirely subjective, like what I do to pick other series. This series will not be given priority simply because I had dropped it once.

  4. Aight, thanks for giving you time in the first place.

    It's a shame that FUNi can't stream it anymore since A-1 is being stupid.