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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 43 script, viruses, plumbers in spaces, futures, sins and punishments, and the like

Cyber Blue will have to wait just a bit longer; the weekly KO script is more pressing

Anyways, more zombies on KO this chapter. The author really should distinguish between the infectious zombies, corpse zombies, ghouls, etc.

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 43 English script

Error: "Toryoction" is supposed to be Trioxin. Hey, I'm not a zombie buff.

And "cemetary" is spelled "cemetery". That's pretty big too. Looks like I should use spell check

On a related note, FTH is looking for proofreaders (totally not related to my half-broken English, what are you talking about) and editors/typesetters/cleaners. Apply now!

This release - well, it's technically not a release, but it counts for the rules (only 3 volumes, must finish volume, 1-3 days) - was cutting it close, because of reasons ranging from virus attack to U R MR GAY 2.

Virus & PSD Sources

First, my stupidity has increased a notch. I knew that it was a virus, and wanted to run it sandboxed to see what it does. Unfortunately, I didn't do so, and neglected to kill the virus until it destroyed my anime collection and part of my scanlation stuff. I can always recover the releases and raws, but Cyber Blue 1 and 2 psd sources are gone. While it won't hinder any future scanlating, in the future, I'll upload the psd sources after the volume finishes. Maybe I'll upload it chapter-by-chapter in the future, I don't know.

Pokemon Special vol 34 English scanlation psd source
Hanako vol 3 psd source
Hanako vol 4 psd source

Besides, if anyone wants to translate them to another language, you can base your scanlation off of mine, no problem. My job is to translate manga, and if I can easily help someone indirectly, that's all the better.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Second, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is pretty great. I don't feel like it's 10/10 great as of a few worlds in, but that could change. I was also procrastinating KO43 script by wasting my time on tagging the music I ripped from the ISO, which you can enjoy here. I'm still not done tagging it, though.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gamerip (320 kbps mp3)

Edit: Note that it isn't a complete rip; I forgot to separate the multitrack files.

It's mp3 because the FLAC files add up to 1GB.


Anyways, the outlook of /a/non scanlations seems to be mostly Cyber Blue 2 and 3, and Pokemon Special 35 until I leave for vacation. Sorry about Cyber Blue 4, I'll get to it eventually. I'll either still be doing KO scripts during the vacation (one a week isn't bad), or stock up on it before July. Furthermore, because of DerpScans' backissue-buying antics, I'm not going to do Mudazumo 4. I'll scan it nonetheless for others to translate.

I wanted to do Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney manga, but I could only find shitty raws. This time, I'll let Del Rey do it. I may have horrible English, Japanese, and even Chinese, I may be horrible at editing and typesetting, but I'm not going to release raws that look shitty already.

It looks like I'll be picking up the one-volume Sin and Punishment (Tsumi to Batsu) manga, just to piss off Nintendo more. I'll probably be doing only editing, since there's no furigana on the raw (well, I can use the IME pad, but that's so slow) and no Chinese scanlation either. If the translator makes it through, I'll be able to do it before July, otherwise I'll have to wait.

Sin And Punishment vol 1 raws

After July, August will still have a shaky schedule. I might still suspend scanlations until orientation is over. September will still be irregular, but things will get back to normal once I get used to my new school and daily schedule.

That's all for now.

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