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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 382

Wrapping up Dia's training arc...

Pokemon Special ch 382

On a related note, I've been skipping png compression so far because I'm lazy, but from now on, my releases will use pngnq to shave off unnecessary bits without a hit to quality. I guess I could've used PNGcrush or optiPNG to optimize them before, but "neural network" and "neuquant" just sounds cool. And it works pretty well, saving 30% this release (5.76MB -> 4.14 MB). That's as many as 3 tens. And that's wonderful.

Jokes aside, what's more amazing, though, is that it converts to indexed pngs, which are normally larger than my usual grayscale pages. I have yet to comprehensively test it on colored pages, but I recommend this for all scanlators, and anyone who wants to compress all the pngs they have lying around.


  1. Thank you very much for the chapter! :D