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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mudazumo OVA 2v2, 3v2; Cyber Blue suspension

So I recently started learning some encoding for a school video project. I decided that I should test what I've learned and re-release the OVA softsubs with the slightly better DivX raw. The result isn't too bad; I got rid of the interlacing issues and some of the macroblocking, but the color still looks a bit funky during some scenes. This is a WIP, so I wouldn't recommend uploading it elsewhere. I promise that I will eventually get the DVD myself.

Mudazumo OVA 2v2
Mudazumo OVA 3v2

Meanwhile, I actually read ahead for a bit, and found that the next several chapters of Cyber Blue end at cliffhangers. Thus, for an estimated 2 and a half weeks, until I finish Hanako vol 4 and Pokemon Special vol 34, Cyber Blue vol 2 is suspended. On the bright side, I can translate Cyber Blue daily after I'm done with PokeSpe.

The next few days should be:
Friday - Hanako c18
Saturday - Hanako c19 [end of volume, series]
Sunday - KO c42 script
Monday - PokeSpe v34 start


  1. You do great work, man. The Cyber Blue hiatus will give me a chance to check out your other projects :)

  2. Heh, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy scanlating them