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Monday, November 21, 2011

Online Manga Downloader 0.1.5

  • Removed a line of code that made the downloader quit after it successfully finished downloading a chapter. I put it there for debugging, and forgot to take it out. Oops.

  • Added support for NicoNico EBooks with DRM. AFAIK, it's for stuff that are linked with BookWalker. Note that in order to download chapter that are linked with BookWalker, you need to make a BookWalker account and link it with your NicoNico account. Just login and read that chapter, and NicoNico will show you how to do it.

  • Added support for Yahoo Bookstore. It uses an offline reader instead of a flash viewer like PCViewer/DOR. Fortunately for me, the reader was written in C#, making it possible for me to decompile and read the code. Unfortunately, I haven't bought anything from this, so I haven't implemented downloading stuff the user has already bought.

  • Added automatic detection. It just tries all of the handlers, and asks for necessary information for Shogakukan and the Nico handlers if it comes to them.

  • Saves your last download directory in preferences now.

  • General code cleaning. I fixed some possible race conditions, though I never detected any before I implemented the auto-detect.
Online Manga Downloader 0.1.5 (MF)
Online Manga Downloader 0.1 branch


  1. how do i download this

  2. Seems like a different type. The URL of the images are like this:

    Just keep incrementing the number at the end.

  3. Awesome update, thanks!
    Bot could you please add some hints for those who may experience problems with Yahoo Bookstore. For example:
    Problem) You need their soft to be properly installed and you should also be logged in Yahoo account or you'll see just "" instead of actual "ybookstore://" links. Solution) If you you don't want to install their soft, you can find actual links in the page's source code (look for "ybookstore://" kind of links there).

    And could you also take a look at this kind of viewer -
    I believe it's a modified version of ActiBook with page1/x2/*.jpg page splitting like in PluginFree - and that you've encountered with it before. Shueisha and some other publishers are using this viewer for some of their new magazines (e.g. Grand Jump or Monthly Hero's).

  4. aww man manually aaaah
    its same with web young jump.
    Such a hectic work, is it possible for you to work on it also in your OMD.

  5. I dunno why my previous comment was deleted, so I'll just ask again.
    Could you please take a look at this - I believe it's a modification of ActiBook viewer with "page1/x2/*.jpg" page splitting (similar to Plugin Free case) - probably you've encountered with it before. Some publishers are using it for their new magazines (like Grand Jump or Monthly Hero's).

    Also, could you please add something like troubleshooting for the Yahoo Bookstore. For example, if you don't have their soft installed and you aren't logged in the yahoo account, you'll see only "app_error" instead of the actual "ybookstore" link. And while it works for a single volumes (where link to the volume is enough), it doesn't work for magazines and you'll need to find the links in the page's source code manually.

  6. Oh, it was flagged as spam.

    I tend to not like Shueisha because they have a ton of different viewers, but I think I saw Monthly Hero (because I was reading the new Ultraman manga). I'll look into it.

    You can give the URL to a page that has a ybookstore link. It tries to find the ybookstore URL in the page, though right now it only download the first link it comes across.

    Can you give me the link to the magazines?

  7. Then sorry for double-posting, just delete one of the comments.
    As for the link, sure, here it is -
    It's the same as old section (which is already unavailable).

    And I have one more question - are you planning to add support for Comic Rush's viewer (called Clip Surfing)? You can find some examples here -

    P.S. Looks like there are still some problems with NicoNico E-Books downloader. First, I'm always getting "NON-FATAL ERROR: Error in spawning or executing download jobs" after "Login to NicoNico" event (though it continues to work with the next steps). And second, it permanently hangs on "Getting ePubInfo" step for any DRMed stuff except for watch/bk642. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I've tried different methods (including one via Auto-detect option) with the same result.

  8. P.P.S. Yahoo Bookstore related part doesn't work properly either (with "ybookstore://" type of links). In "Manual" mode you can't select Bookstore option, because it works like checkbox instead of radio button - and in "Auto-detect" mode it stops with "NON-FATAL ERROR: Handler failed" error on the certain step.

    I'm sorry for all this negative feedback, but looks like you need beta tester or something. Actually, I could help you with that, if you want.

  9. great upload!!

    but i couldn't download from nico nico ebook! i try to download the manga Tiger & Bunny but i get this error

    can you help me please T_T

  10. Hey anon,
    As King said in the comment above am getting that error too, but when I downloaded it from omd 0.1.4 then BANG! it worked check your codes in 0.1.5.
    OMD 0.1.4 is working nico nico ebook not 0.1.5

    Thanks for great software.
    Any chance of support for web young jump?

  11. It also gives an error after downloading 70-80 pages T_T
    omd 0.1.4

  12. I appreciate all of these messages, but can all of you please post the specific URLs and your logs? These sites are absolutely enormous, so it'll be difficult for me find all of the faulty ones.

  13. Oh, I got the problem with Tiger and Bunny. I made the NNE downloader not download every image (by check if it's the main image), and I neglected to check the existence of the class attribute before checking the class attribute itself. TL;DR I can't write robust code.

  14. Alright, public beta testing time:

    I think I got most of the bugs. Give me the URL if it's not fixed.

    If any of you want to sign up for beta testing, send me a mail.

  15. Awesome, now Bookstore works like a charm, in both Auto-detect and Manual modes for any given link.
    And I've e-mailed you about beta testing thing.

  16. Looks like I've overpraised this build, so it better be called "Return of the Bugs"...
    There are a lot of major and minor errors, including still not properly working E-Books part, and I'm going to create list of those and e-mail it to you.

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  18. I don't get it. How do I run this program?

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