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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Notification: Raw Problems

Several things have happened to raw acquisition for several series recently. To make a long story short:
  • Pokemon Special BW: Fujisan is raising the shipping price by about $6. I'll look into alternative methods like Amazon + forwarding service, but for the next few months, Sho4 will cost about $25.
  • Nanika Mochigatte masu ka: The Chinese group Beast Knights' scanner is facing financial difficulties, so the next chapter (to be released in one week) will be delayed.
  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Also due to the Beast Knights' problems, the chapter scan quality will go from some of the best magazine raws I've ever used to eye-cancer quality like my releases for chapter 25 and 26.
I'll try to solve these problems as soon as I can.


  1. I got Fujisan's shipping message too. It still seems cheaper than Amazon (since they have the entire one international shipping method), but the increase cost with Amazon might just be worth the time saved getting the magazines.

    Math Time:
    Fujisan Dengeki Daioh: $16.80
    Fujisan Comic Alive: $10.00

    Fujisan's new shipping price per magazine: $12.95 (upped from $6.95)

    Total: $52.70-ish.

    Amazon Dengeki Daioh (yay Yen converters): $9.98
    Amazon Comic Alive: $7.42
    Amazon's shipping: $42.24 (for just two Magazines)

    Total: $59.64-ish

    So at the moment, it looks like if I switch to Amazon, I'll get my subscriptions like a week earlier with consistent shipping (they finally shipped out my magazines on 11/01, by the way) for about 8 more dollars. Assuming my math is right and Amazon doesn't up the magazine prices in the Yen to USD conversion process, anyway. It's a shame it takes 3 months to unsubscribe, though...

  2. I thought that it took 3 weeks. Also, I think Amazon Japan has a higher rate for conversion (that is, more USD to JPY).

  3. I was a little off with my remembering (no surprise there), but it would take me about 2 more months if I unsubscribed since I've been with them for 2 months.

    To quote Fujisan English: "Please note that you need to be subscribed the magazines you ordered at minimum 3 months by the time you would like to end.
    And also the cancellation of the subscriptions takes a month after you send the request."

    The 3 weeks is probably the 'subscribe 3 weeks before the magazine you order is released or you may or may not get it'.

    I figured Amazon Japan had a higher conversion rate (because why wouldn't they?), but I don't feel like researching to find out all the correct math.

    Anyway, if you find any better alternatives, please keep me informed. I'll probably be sticking with Fujisan for now.