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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Online Manga Downloader 0.1.4

  • Added support for a third NicoNico viewer: NicoNico E-Books. At this rate, I'll probably have to add an auto-detection feature, though the prerequisites of NicoNico E-Books, NicoNico User-published, and Shogakukan might get in the way.
  • Renamed "Club Sunday" to "Shogakukan", since it's used on many Shogakukan sites and not just Club Sunday.
  • Changed most XML parsing from DOM to SAX.
  • Tries to use the native look and feel.
As usual, source is here. Any bug reports, comments and suggestions are welcome. The big migration from DOM to SAX may have produced some bugs that I've not caught.

Online Manga Downloader 0.1.4 (MF)


  1. Thank you so much ^^

    Now i can save my favorit manga from club shogakukan :)

  2. little question when is out the chapter 13 of bw??

  3. You didn't note that the NN E-books parser have it's own noticeable limitations - for example, you can't grab cross-platform releases like this

  4. That's because I've neglected to test it with that. Sorry, I'll fix it.