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Friday, October 21, 2011

Schedule: November and December

There was a massive desync between the previous schedule and what actually happened because
>in charge of making schedule

Anyway, now that I'm finally finishing up on catching on things, this might be a good time to regroup.
  1. Finishing up - One chapter of Pokemon BW, two chapters of Mudazumo 2 and two chapters of 7o3x vol 2 redoes left.
  2. One-volume manga - I was thinking that I would have to wait one more week to get raws for this, but I found the first chapter by a strange coincidence today.
  3. Comic Hoshi Shin'ichi - I've been neglecting this, but I will still uphold my promise of finishing this by the end of this year
  4. Kaibutsu Oujo - I'll get to one or two chapters within catching up by the end of the year.
  5. Arpeggio of Blue Steel vol 4 redo - The editing is so easy that it'll only take 2-3 days at most. Will squeeze in sometime.
  6. Arpeggio of Blue Steel Drama CD - The CDs aren't that expensive ($15), but buying requires mailing in a special card and money in yen, using a transfer service, etc. I'll try to get it in a timely manner.
Of course, I'll mix things up (especially 2, 3, and 4) so I don't overindulge or neglect them. Regular stuff will come at their regular times. Pokemon Special and Noririn aren't going to release their next volumes until the end of December or next year. The next Mudazumo volume will probably come out in February.


  1. Nice to see a schedule, \a\non. I didn't know there was another chapter of PokeSpe BW to finish up, looking forward to that.

  2. This is nice, but you didn't say anything about Kazumi Magica. Not to complain, but you still haven't finished chapter 8, and chapter 9 comes out this Monday.

  3. What? I did do both. And that's chapter 10.


  5. you might be interested in this:

  6. My mistake, I meant to say that you hadn't finished Chapter 9 and that Chapter 10 comes out on Monday. My bad...