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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pokemon Special BW ch 11

Today on "things that mix better than I expected": Pokemon and NTR.

Pokemon Special BW ch 11 2400p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 11 2400p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 11 2400p (MF)

Pokemon Special BW ch 11 1200p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 11 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 11 1200p (MF)

Pokemon Special BW ch 11 PSD source (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 11 PSD source (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 11 PSD source (MF)


  1. Congrats, White. You got a new Pokemon.

    That brings you up to...1 Pokemon.


  2. So wait, White gets N's Pokemon, at least for now while Bubu chooses to stay with N? Kinda understandable since White doesn't seem to accept that actresses can fight, too. There's much space for character development with every character. I am really looking forward to it~

    (And funny, White may be the easily scared type of female character but does show lots of personality when talking to N. And poor her in taht last panel with her~)

    Thanks for the fast scanlation~ There was one grammatical error in page...12. "your have a much bigger sin..." should be "you have a much...". Thank you so much~

  3. Wow, awesome chapter.
    There's a mistake on page 007, left-side panel of the three middle ones: "...or if I had been" should be "...or if it had been", since she's talking about the Cubchoo, not herself.
    And, page 012, bottom right-side panel: "No, your have a much bigger sin" should be "No, you have a much bigger sin".
    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Oh, and another mistake, page 018: "I wonder how many Pokemon are this world" should have an 'in' before the word 'this'. Aah, finished!

  5. I just love this chapter along with the plot twist in it. So Bubu chooses to stay with N and wants to battle? I wonder how that will turn out in the end ...

    Thanks so much for the chapter! You're doing a great job.

  6. Thanks a lot for this chapter! 8D I love how they portraying N.
    I was just wondering, when did Poka evolved? Am I missing something? >.<

  7. Oh god Special!N creeps me out. Game!N made me want to hug him, but this N has that weird rapist feeling with White, and his creepy eyes...I dunno if I can trust this guy that much...

    Also, a question. N mentions that Poka evolved. When? None of your chapters have him doing so. In fact, what happened to Castelia? You seem to have entirely skipped it...

  8. Tep evolved in the Castelia Gym battle.

    /a/non does not scan the magazine that released that chapter.

  9. wow, this plot twist and those emotions... I kinda didn't expect that. showing emotions was always a little wacky in previous arcs, but now...
    Well, let me say i'm really pleased with how this was shown. Now i really expect a lot from this arc!

  10. Interesting chapter. Thanks for scanlating!

  11. Curse you, Natural Harmonia Gropius! (No really, that's his name)

    How dare you take Gigi away from White!

  12. Anon, do you have ANY idea when PokeSpe vol40 will be released? Have they even done it yet? I wanna complete my collection!!!

  13. Dear Anonymous, they've released volume 39 sometime in August, so it'll be some time before volume 40 comes out, also the person translating the manga translates other manga as well, so be patient.

  14. Because of the earthquake in Japan, I feel that it'll be quite some time until Volume 40 is released. Possibly 6-9 months from the release date of Volume 39. We should probably start expecting a release around February.

    Take my word with a grain of salt, since I don't have any official word. However, this seems the most logical.

  15. @ Last two anonymous'
    (I'm the one who asked about vol40 release)
    Thanks guys. It was February when they finished vol39, wasn't it? Okay, I MUST HAVE PATIENCE. I can do this.
    HELPPPP!!!!!! lol

  16. No. Volume 39 was released on July 28th. Personally, I think we'll get volume 40 in December, but we could very well have to wait until next year.

  17. @JB2448 D-d-december! WOOOOO!!
    Well, ya never know. We might be that lucky. Either way, it'll worth the wait.

  18. Volumes usually get announced when netkun updates on the 1st or 2nd, then get released on the 28th of the next month. I think the earliest that volume 40 can come is December 28th (which is practically next year).

  19. haha NTR in pokemon, hilarious :D thx for the translation!

  20. Well, I just checked the Shogakukan site.

    Nothing for next month. So, we'll be waiting until next year, it seems!