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Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Stuff

Forgotten Stuff

Some of you who have been keeping track might have noticed that I haven't scanned the Mudazumo anthology or Pokemon Special RS Wide. I've decided to not scan them. The anthology wasn't worth an hour of effort to scan, and RS Wide seems to have gotten canceled after the earthquake, presumably due to the apocalyptic final battle in the arc. Only the first volume of RS Wide was released, and it's fairly hard to get, so fuck it.

The Wiki

...has been taken down because it was like a Katamari ball picking up spam wherever it went. Even if I disable editing and page creation for everyone except me, I think that it wasn't the best way to organize information. I'll probably change the format of my projects and links pages, but I want your input as well. My current ideas:
  1. Use the old Project page with the tables from the Wiki.
  2. Separate Project pages.
  3. Orderly MediaFire folder.
Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. So does that mean new Mudazumo series?

  2. mean no new Mudazumo series*

  3. No, I'm talking about the Mudazumo 4koma anthology released last December. It has nothing to do with the new series